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Art & Wall Decor

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Art & Wall Decor

Spice up your space with our fantastic collection of Wall Art and Wall Decor items. Our online store brings you the most exclusive and unique range of beautiful and superior quality wall decor products, painting, wall arts, clocks, wooden hanging, etc. Be it a minimalist home or a home full of jazz and glamour, we have something that will complement your theme. You can shop online at your comfort and get the ordered product delivered safely to your doorstep.

Wall decor and wall art are the most important pieces when it comes to decor and creating an ambiance. Wall decor, wall art, paintings, clocks etc not only defines your space but also enhances it apart from decorating it.

Wall art or decor is a decoration ranging from canvases to framed prints to other artistic embellishments that hang on a wall. You can choose the right wall art based on your theme and personal style online or from our store.

Gorgeous Art & Wall Décor To Bring Your Walls To Life

Your home is what you make it. It is a place where you feel a sense of belongingness and pleasure. With the right wall art and wall décor items, you can add life to your space. If you are willing to explore the best wall décor online or from the store, The Purple Turtles is the place for you. Be it wall art painting, wall hanging décor, or any other decoration items, we offer an ideal combination of decorative items and furniture to beautify your home. Whether you are looking for unique handicraft for home designs or modern wall décor items, you can find them all in our store or on our website. Backed by a highly skilled team and experienced professionals, we at The Purple Turtles keep a close watch on each stage, from design and production to delivery at your doorstep.

Decorate Your Walls Like Never Before

Home wall décor plays a significant role in creating a cozy and appealing setting. With our exclusive range of room wall décor, you can add a touch of creativity to each of your rooms. We also have beautiful room décor paintings that are perfect for adding a finishing touch to your walls. At The Purple Turtles, we offer everything beautiful and unique to all our customers. Our home decoration collection has the best of doorknobs, decorative baskets, tea lights, crockery, handicraft, books, and more. Now start decorating your home to your heart's desire.

Different types of wall arts/wall decor

A wall art or wall decor is designed with the room aesthetics in mind. A decor that suits a bedroom might not go well with your living room. The right ambiance is set by choosing the right decor based on your theme and interiors. Beautify your home with our unique collections of Wall decor and Wall arts.

Wall art/ wall decor for bedroom

We have a wide range of wall art and wall decor collections that would suit your bedroom interiors. You can opt for a modern wall art design or a modern wall decor to match your style. You can even choose from the various bedroom wall art paintings to show off your creativity and love of art. You can buy these different wall art and decor online on The Purple Turtle.

Wall art/ wall decor for living rooms

The most important room in your home is the living room. You should pay more attention to decorating the walls of your living room and drawing-room. Our collection of wall art and decor will be a perfect fit. You can select a simple wall art or modern wall decor or a framed wall art or wall decor. Bring the best from your living room area.

Wall art/decor for the kitchen and dining room

There are quite a few wall art and decor that will decorate your cooking and dining area. Wall art and decor with designs and paintings and ensure that you have a bon appetite.

Wall art/decor for kids room

Add some lively colors and life with our wall art and decor to give life in your little ones' room, paintings, and artwork to inspire their creative minds.

Wall art/decor for bathroom

Photographs, prints, framed artwork can serve the purpose of decorating your bathroom walls as beautiful art and decor. Explore our options to choose what suits your interiors best.

Wall Decor /  Wall art - pricing options 

Our wall art and decor collection has endless vintage designs and beautifies your home effortlessly—a premium range of art collections. You can order our finest wall art collections and decor online, or you can visit our store.


1. Does wall art need to match the decor?
No. Your wall art and decor need not match your interiors. It can always appear to be complementary.

2. Should you put art on every wall?
The primary key to beautifying your space is to balance it. You need not overdo it by putting art on every wall.

3. Can you have too much art on your walls?
The wall art and wall decor should take two-thirds of the wall space above furniture (bed, side table, sofa).

4. How do you place wall art?
The best place to hang single wall art is at eye level. Sixty inches from the center to the floor is the number you must remember. If you are hanging your wall art or decor above certain furniture, then it can be hung 4-6 inches above it. If it's above the sofa or console, then the wall art or wall decor should be approximately 2/3 width of the furniture.