Flowing light installation made for Dolby Mumbai corporate office reception.Size: 2939L x 1915W x 150mm ht
Box Light
Using high ceiling to effect with dramatic box lights.
Passion flower
Vine-inspired installation for health spa reception area
Synecron Bangalore corporate office reception, Size : 3600L x 3600W mm
Out Of The Box
Banana fibre paper light installation at a private residence.
A flowing, abstract, modular lighting solution for corporate reception area.
Terminal 2 Mumbai Airport
The sculpture is a visualization many people coming together,working together, ideating together. The installation is composed of about 50 crystals each with its own light source spread across 905 cm by 120 cm. The facets of each box are random and asymmetric, allowing a lot of shadow and light interplay.  It is installed at the Terminal 2 of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai.
Bird Installation
These birds are made of banana paper and perforated brass sheet.