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Crafted in Wood

Tying into the influences of old-world charm and modern design sensibilities, wood as a material is timeless and contemporary all at once! The mention of the word conjures images of honed craftsmanship, artisanal detailing, and sleek silhouettes simultaneously, hinting at the sheer versatility of the material. 

A muse and a material of equal strengths, we explore a plethora of products from our inventory that shed a newfound light on wood. Read on to see some of our in-house favourites at The Purple Turtles that make us marvel over the diversity of wood and the many ways in which it can be a part of our spaces. 

Seated with Elegance

Striking an exquisite balance between sleek silhouettes and timeless design, wood as a material has been reimagined in a newfound light with the Nirvritha and Kaayal Rattan Accent Chairs available at our stores. Sure to elevate the look and feel of one’s living, lounging, and entertaining areas, these chairs make for versatile additions to classic and contemporary spaces with grace.



Functional Craft 

Reminiscing the robust identity of industrial design, the Cocoa Rectangle Coffee Table available in stores visually grounds large living spaces while indulging in minimalism. Displaying an interplay of volumes, its crafted cavity makes a wee spot to introduce a sliver of greenery within the construct of the stoic piece.


Nooks for the Voracious Reader 

Perfect for a wee corner to display one’s cherished collection of reads and curios, the Anmol Teak and Mango Wood Bookshelf is emblematic of the ideal union between the old and the new! Laced with handcrafted floral carving along its edges, the intricately detailed bookshelf celebrates a distressed finish created in mango and teak wood varieties.


Artisanal Reflections

With an old-world allure about itself, the Giva Teak Wood Mirror Frame makes any wall an engaging one with its focal presence. Its teak wood frame displays handcrafted carved details, topped off by a white-toned distressed finish. An ideal addition to foyer spaces, living walls, or even as a statement feature in other corners, the mirror straddles a sense of heritage with simplicity.


Having been a part of design, art, and architecture for innumerable decades, wood is a material that is far from done when it comes to the exploration of its potential! Undeniably relevant in its utility and adaptability to myriad styles, wood shall continue to rule the roost of design genres of spatial and product design while reinventing itself for years to come.

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