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Let’s Not Make Furniture Boring

Think furniture and stereotypical references may spring into your mind. But today the dynamics of furniture are changing just like everything else that are sure to drastically change your perception towards them. Today furniture is no longer restricted to specific forms and functions and is getting an eclectic makeover that is sure to add a dash of zing to your space. So here's our two bit on how to not make furniture boring.

Personal Touch

In today’s global market furniture design has become offbeat and a space where designers are not holding back. In fact today several manufacturers collaborate with very talented designers and produce amazing designs with great options to customize. In fact several high end retailers allow you to select fabrics, finishes and the configuration that best fits your need. And what you get is a bespoke piece that is a reflection of who you are. In fact making a personalized selection is not even a very expensive affair and customizing your selection can be done at very effectively and be affordable with the benefit of plugging into the experience of designers and store personnel. In fact you can actually pick any piece off the shelf or at a seconds sale or even from a garage sale and transform it by using your creativity. For instance an old sofa can be upholstered differently with an interesting mix of colours and materials or you could redo a chair by painting it with bright colours and place it either in your kids room or outdoors.

Classic Calling

Another trend being seen today is the return of classics in furniture as well as in interiors. While we usually associate classic with interiors full of antique furniture and trinkets from the world of bygone eras, a contemporary touch can dramatically change everything. In fact classic inspired designs are a perfect choice for lovers of tradition and the past appreciating perfect craftsmanship and sophisticated materials while being trendy. It is easier to play with classics, treating it as an inspiration to create furniture that is modern yet has an element of heritage. In fact modern classics with corresponding proportions, symmetry and balance of elements are a recipe for a harmonious interior from ancient times to the modern times. If you are wondering how to decorate an apartment, choose modern classics. This is an excellent choice for those who appreciate elegance and tranquility. You can team the furniture in simple geometric forms with elegant accessories and subtle colours. And what you get is the advantage of timelessness and comfort. For instance, you can use a bench fixed on to a wall as a plant shelf and add a spot of green without compromising on space. Likewise you can use an old door for a table top or desk or even convert an unused iron table into a stand to hold plants.

Material Matters

If you think that your interiors have become too monotonous and too predictable, you can break it by using a surprising addition. Introduce fine details whether it is decorative mirror frames that will enlarge the space, paintings and sculptures or accessories that can spruce up the look of the room. Decorative chandeliers and lamps with shades made of fabric that ooze warm light can also emphasize the beauty of the interiors. In fact furnishings can accentuate your furniture. Opt for fabrics that can help create a cozy atmosphere through the choice of throws, soft pillows, blankets, curtains and drapes. An important principle that you should follow is to be moderate and do not have to treat it with too much seriousness. It is worth to mix styles add modern chairs to an old table, include an antique bench with your modern sofas or add a bold shaped lamp to a stylish interior. This kind of styling is suitable for an old house or even in a small apartment. Likewise you can upholster your old furniture with a modern fabric or choose accessories inspired by the past. A good idea is to see how you can alter an old piece of furniture while adding a new twist.

Do The New

Furniture designs are also getting a new age twist not just in terms of unusual designs but also using new age materials in designing furniture. Another vital aspect is that furniture is also going green with wood being cultivated specifically honed out of non-forest timber. There are several furniture manufacturers that are offering furniture whose design has been made keeping not just the Indian anthropometrics (body type) in mind but also the fact that it can get damp during cleaning and would need to be addressed. To accentuate the green theme, furnishings are primarily jute based and use natural fibers. Even the leather seating used on some dining chairs is not chemically treated and is enzymatic. With the explosion of the Internet designs and ideas are aplenty and inspiration is really only a click away. In fact you can even opt for space saving furniture. The level of sensibility and innovation that goes into creating multi-functional units is truly remarkable. And this makes all the more sense because of the shrinking size of apartments. Opt for furniture with storage, use tables with stools that slide under the table or even using corners to make shelves that can be used both as decorative stands as well as to store stuff, the ideas are limitless. With the huge return of preserving antiques and authentic sourcing, there is a whole world that is all ready to be explored. In fact the whole process of choosing furniture can be as exciting as the process of making the final selection is. So simply think out of the box and do not have any pre conceived notions while choosing your furniture. And if in doubt remember the words of Adrienne Rich “in every room, the furniture reflects you larger than life, or dwindling.”

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