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Mix & Match – Modern & Vintage Home Décor

Modern and edgy, or vintage and classy? Can’t decide what style of home décor to invest in? Well, you don’t HAVE to stick to one style. We’ll tell you a little about how you can create a medley of modern and vintage décor. Here are 5 formulas to mix old school and contemporary in your living room.

1. Abstract Art and Mid-Century Tables

Abstract art is associated with new age design. Place it behind a mid 19 century wooden table/shelf to get a classic mix of both the styles. You can also put the abstract wall art behind a royal vintage sofa or place it in the dining room, behind a traditional looking wooden dining table.

2. Artsy Mirrors and Vintage Chairs

Choose a modern looking artsy mirror and pair it with a vintage chair. Now you can soak in the comfort of old school seating while the mirror adds an edgy appeal to the space around you.

 3. Classic Leather Sofa with Funky Cushions

You can add a colorful yet modern twist to the classic ol’ brown leather sofa. Throw in a couple of vibrant cushions with funky prints on the rather monochromatic leather sofa to break the monotony. This is one of the easiest ways to marry modern with classic.

4. Modern Shelves with Antique Collectives

Wondering how you can put those age old antique collectives on display, yet maintain a new age feel? Invest in a simple metal book shelf, and you can put all your antique collectives on display and still achieve a very contemporary look.

5. Traditional Floor Dressing with À La Mode Décor

You thought you could never use those traditional looking carpets after you bought that fancy looking sofa, right? Well, that’s a wrong assumption. Traditional floor dressings when teamed up with modern seating go pretty well. It’s brings out a rustic yet edgy look in your living room. So don’t give up on your traditional carpets just yet! ;)

6. Antique Chandelier and Modern Dining

Give your dining area a unique look with a blend of vintage and modern. Pair an antique chandelier with a rustic wooden dining table and mix it up with metal chairs that come in colors like silver, white or black to add a modish feel to the dining set up. With this, you can get the best out of both the looks and make your dining experience an exquisite one. :)

Loved these tips? Tell us how your home looks after you’ve tried out some of them via comments.

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