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The Festive Edit

There is a nip in the air and the October air is rife with the anticipation of the festive season just round the corner. The pandemic has only iterated the unmatched joy that comes with spending time with loved ones in the refuge of our homes.

With the upcoming months decking our calendars with a spectrum of joyous festivities, it is time to don our capes as loving hosts while our homes exude warmth and immerse themselves in the colours and light of the celebrations!

We’re rounding up some of our in-house favourites that can make for the perfect additions in your dwellings, creating an ambience that embodies exuberance and warmth as loved ones congregate.

Take a Seat

The Albert Sofa epitomises the confluence of classical design sensibilities and pattern-play. With its curved silhouette and framework composed of wood and cane, the sofa can be a focal addition in hosting spaces. Ergonomic in its build, it can make for an adept reading chair or become a part of a larger interactive layout with its sprightly patterned upholstery and neo-vintage personality.

Let there be Light

Unostentatiously opulent and timeless in its demeanour, the 6-Arm Glass Chandelier spells festive cheer like no other. The glass crystals daintily dot the curvaceous iron body of the chandelier, paying homage to the classic persona of the luminaire. A statement addition, this fixture can truly become the muse in a space!

Gilded Tradition

An old-world charm and rootedness are the defining factors that make brass such a loved and celebrated material in the Indian design and décor palette. Our range of Brass Boxes and Platters pose as idyllic objects of art across dining tables at mealtimes or even as ingenious parts of one’s decorative nooks peppered around the house. 

A Dash of Colour

Our Zaria Table Runner makes its presence felt across any table-scape with its bold and artisanal accent of bright colour. Created in cotton, the fuchsia body of the runner is layered with intricate printed patterns influenced by floral and geometric motifs; a fitting piece of upholstery to elevate your festive spreads and gatherings! 

Plating it with Panache

The Amalfi Ovate set of porcelain plates embraces a restrained design ethos while dabbling in shades of the earth and sea. With taupe, ivory, and a warm blue making the perfect triad of hues, the Amalfi collection couples pared-down design with a subdued interplay of colour that can complement a minimalistic festive table setting immaculately.

Our stores are teeming with delightful picks that can be reimagined in a newfound light this festive season! It’s a time to come together and make our homes our havens that are doused in expressions of our heritage, illumination, and the unmatched happiness of belonging together once again!

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