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Bedroom side table

  • Ahlheim Teak Craved Console

    Original price INR 46,020 - Original price INR 46,020
    Original price
    MRP. INR 46,020 (includes taxes)
    INR 46,020 - INR 46,020
    Current price MRP. INR 46,020 (includes taxes)
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    Introducing the Ahlheim Teak Carved Console, a masterful blend of artistry and functionality. Crafted from premium teak wood, this exquisite consol...

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    Original price INR 46,020 - Original price INR 46,020
    Original price
    MRP. INR 46,020 (includes taxes)
    INR 46,020 - INR 46,020
    Current price MRP. INR 46,020 (includes taxes)
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How to Choose a Side Table for the Living Room?

There has always been an intrinsic connection between side tables and living rooms. From displaying beautiful vases and art work to storing important amenities for daily usage, side tables have always fulfilled their multi-purpose role perfectly in every living room. 

Let’s not forget that they also add  great value to your interior design. A side table placed in the right space with the right objects can enhance the beauty of the room tremendously. 

That’s why it is necessary to invest a little time in buying the appropriate side table, which brings in multiple facets of convenience and luxury into your everyday life.

Here we bring to you the four important aspects that you should consider when you are buying a side table. It will definitely help you in choosing the right one.

Material Does Matter

A lot of times buyers do not pay attention to the material of the side table they are planning. However, it is probably the most important aspect that one should consider. 

Do you need tables made of wood, glass, metal, plastic, or an abstract creative piece of art as your side table?

Deciding on the material based on your living room’s infrastructure will make things a lot less easy.  Also, every material has its own unique qualities. For example, wood gives a warm and pleasant look where as metal can give you a more edgy look. So depending on how you want your table to set the tone for your living room, you have to choose the right material. 

Size, Shape, and Storage Are Critical 

If you buy a side table which is totally absurd in its size and shape then you will be losing a lot more than money. It wont fit in perfectly, it will be the odd one out, and more importantly it will create unnecessary hassle when you want to make changes to your interior. 

You have to consider the size and shape of your side table.

Consider the height you need as a starting point. Depending on where you are going to place the side table, the height may vary. For example, if you need a side table next to your sofa set, then you may want to consider the height of the sofa. However, if the purpose of the side table is to display a decorative piece, then you may have to consider a small height. You also need to consider the length and breadth of the table to ensure the dimensions are right. 

If storage is an important element, then consider the storage of the table first before looking at the size and shape. You should consider it based on the number of necessities you are going to store in it. 

Choose Your Design Wisely

When you are considering the design of your living room side table, you need to think of the existing theme of your interior. Is your living room classy & antique, modern, abstract or assembled? 

This aspect is very important because if you add a steel side table to a room which has a natural wood feel then you will have an awkward look. So, you have to choose the right design and material.

Finally, The Cost

The cost should always be the last factor because a good addition to your living room is always less expensive when you consider its long term effects. 

However, you cannot forego costs completely. So do have a budget that you can reach. If the table you choose does cost a few extra bucks from your actual budget then do not hesitate to buy it. 

You would love the table. 

Happy Shopping!

Now that you have all the necessary elements to consider when buying a living room side table, we want to introduce you to our wide array of collections at The Purple Turtle.

Our collection is one of the best with multiple variants to each item. Regardless of your desires and limitations, we have the one that suits you the best. 

So, do check out our side tables and use the above deciding factors to get the right table. 

On the contrary, you can also choose to buy it elsewhere but do remember all these important aspects.