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Teak Wood Dining Table

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The Seven Properties of a Teak Wood Dining Table

When it comes to materials for furniture, the most ancient and versatile material has always been Wood. While there are many wood types out there that have stood the test of time, teak wood remains the most exquisite of them all with a class of its own. That’s why, for centuries now, teak wood dining tables have been favored by most people across the Asian continent, and especially in Indian households. 

The reason for the widespread adoption is due to multiple properties that teak wood dining tables possess. Here we are going to cover some important properties, which will give you the confidence that these dining tables are best for your household

1. The Beautiful Color

The dark brown to yellow shades of teak wood gives a beautiful look, not only to your dining table but to the entire space. They also tend to get darker as time passes and their inherent wavy granular designs become very prominent.

2. The Aroma

Teak wood has a pleasant smell which gets better as it gets older. At a dining table, you would definitely want to have a pleasant smell which improves your appetite. A teak dining table is perfect for this very purpose.

3. Durability & Hardness 

Teak wood is known around the world for its hardness. It is highly resistant to wear & tear and denting due to hardness, which is compared to that of mahogany. This results in durability which is quite high and that’s why teak wood furniture survives even after 200-300 years. In fact, some of the most expensive teak wood furniture is ages old.

4. Resistance to Rot Termites

Teak wood dining tables probably have the highest resistance to rot and termites. It is due to the inherent presence of natural oils. That is predominantly why teak is used as the ideal material for furniture. Same applies to dining tables as well. Even if you use wet cloth to wipe away the top of the table, it will not affect the table in any way.

5. Easier Cleaning & Maintenance 

These dining tables require almost zero maintenance and cleaning. Occasional dusting should do the job and you will save a lot of time. Since it has good resistance to rot, you will not have to worry whenever you use a wet wipe to clean the dirty tops after a large feast. And they are also easier to maintain. 

6. Heat Resistance

We want our food to be served hot. So obviously there are a lot of hot vessels kept on the dining table when we start our meal. But thanks to teak wood, you do not have to worry about the heat of the vessel affecting the material in any way. Also, the wood itself does not get really cold or hot, making it ideal for any climatic condition. 

7. Easier Workability 

If you ever plan on making changes to your dining table, it is easier to cut and glue the table. Maybe you have a new family member and you want to extend the table. With teak wood, it is very easy to achieve this with less effort. And you can do it without losing any of its inherent properties. The wood also plays well with other materials such as metal or plastic, if you are planning to add some finishing touches. As a whole, teak wood dining tables are perfect for your household.