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Wooden Center Table

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Best wooden center table to complete your décor

The center table, as the name implies, sits as a centerpiece to all activities in your cheerful living room. Wooden center tables are stylish and prized for their durability and vintage charm. No matter the style of your interiors, you have a wooden center table design that goes perfectly with your décor. 

Even with the changing times, the wooden center table in India or the wooden coffee table, as the terms are used interchangeably, still holds a focal position in the living room, filling the large gap created by the surrounding sofa and settees. These table sets can either be a focal point of your living room or they can be used to tie together the decor elements of your space. 

Wooden coffee tables are a must-have when entertaining your guests. They are wonderful whether you use them as a space to show off small decor pieces or your gorgeous collection of hardbound books. Place a simple potpourri or a vase filled with fresh flowers on top of your stylish coffee table for a finishing touch. 

If you’re looking for a suitable center table design to anchor the pieces of furniture in your living space, check out The Purple Turtles’ collection of uniquely handcrafted wooden center tables online. Our range of exclusive designs can be paired up with any style and aesthetic.

Modern wooden center table is the showstopper of your living room 

The center table is in the immediate line of vision of your guests and should be an attractive combination of aesthetics and functionality. 

Talking about functionality, choosing a space-saving wooden center table for the living room is apt for smaller interiors with either carefully designed storage or stools that can be comfortably tucked in when not in use. Form-wise, center table designs can be elegantly traditional with oval or rectangular intricately carved wooden surfaces or sport edgy contemporary style featuring geometric shapes. 

Then there are the modern, clean lines of wooden glass center table that exudes simple vibes yet looks chic. Channel old-fashioned rustic charm with brass-fitted wooden tables or opt for quirky pieces put together with repurposed materials. 

No matter which style and shape you opt for, a uniquely designed coffee table is a conversation starter. Explore our collection of wooden coffee tables online that are waiting to grace your living space.

Buy a wooden center table online from The Purple Turtles

Shopping for a wooden center table online? Consider the artisan pieces at The Purple Turtles created by craftsmen par excellence. When you buy a wooden center table with us, you take home exclusive furniture that reflects your refined taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a center table?
A center table is an essential piece of furniture, positioned centrally in a living room, in front of the formal seating arrangements.

What is the purpose of the center table?
The center table anchors the seating arrangement in the room, besides doubling up as a convenient space to serve refreshments or accommodating small decor items.

How do I choose a center table?
You can choose a center table considering the seating arrangement and available space in the room, besides the existing styles and textures of the interiors.

What is the ideal size of the center table?
Ideally, the center table should be two-thirds of the size of the largest seating piece in the room.