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Wooden Laundry Basket

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Store Your Linens in Style With Premium Wooden Laundry Baskets 

Washed clothes stacked up in unsightly piles is one of the biggest pet peeves of many homeowners. If you’re one of them, our premium wooden laundry baskets are just what you need! 

Whether it’s storing your unwashed laundry till it’s time to run the washing machine or sorting the clean laundry neatly, these laundry baskets make these chores a breeze. You can also use large wooden laundry baskets as multi-purpose bins to stash toys, cushions, and other household items out of the way, or install them as pretty planters. The best part? These handmade wooden baskets don’t interfere with your home décor. They are beautiful enough to pass off as pretty décor pieces. 

At The Purple Turtles, our team takes pride in bringing to you ethically produced, sustainable wooden laundry baskets in India that will spruce up your home in no time while caring for the Earth. Order from our collection of wooden laundry baskets online before your next wash day. 

Type of Wooden Laundry Baskets You Can Choose From 

Laundry baskets come in varying sizes, designs, and materials. However, the convenience factor is subjective, depending upon the volume you need to store and the ease of movement you want, or the amount of carbon footprint you wish to leave with laundry hampers made of synthetic or eco-friendly materials. 

Choose wooden laundry baskets on wheels to make transporting to and from the laundry room a breeze. Or the wooden laundry baskets with lids to stop the contents from spilling over. A wide range of wooden laundry basket designs at The Purple Turtles spoils you for choice. Take your pick from our collection and get your laundry organized like never before. 

Buy a wooden laundry basket and take home a multi-utility container 

The Purple Turtles produces unique hand-crafted wooden laundry baskets in India with responsibly-sourced materials. Our goal is to create high-end homeware while being socially conscious. 

Buy from our collection of multi-purpose wooden laundry baskets online and make your laundry storage easy, convenient, and stylish. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes a good laundry basket?
Besides being durable, a good laundry basket should be the right size to hold your laundry load and yet be easy enough to lug around. 

How do you clean wooden laundry baskets?
You can lightly wipe down modern wooden laundry baskets with a wet rag and sun them for a spruced-up look.

What is the function of laundry or sorting baskets?
Pile up all your dirty clothes in the laundry basket until it is washing day or use it to sort clean clothes.