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Hospitality Projects

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There’s nothing we like more than an empty room and a head full of ideas. We love working with architects, designers, stylists and anyone with a vision for their space. From concept and design to fabrication and installation, we can tailor-make lighting and furniture to your brief, experimenting with style, size and material. Tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll pull out all the stops to create it.

Hospitality Interior Design At Its Finest

Hospitality Interior Designing is crucial for the success of your business. When beauty and functionality are put together, it tends to work wonders. We, at The Purple Turtles, strive to create beautiful eclectic lighting and hardscapes that are suitable for hospitality interiors. Whether it is an office interior project, showroom interior design, or home interior designing, we have elegant products to create the perfect look and appeal that suit your needs.

As a leading interior décor provider, we work with architects, interior designers, and everyone else who has the vision for creating a beautiful space. We are in charge of commercial hospitality lighting, office installations, wall customisation projects, and much more.

Through pure passion and creativity driven products, we can create beautiful hospitality interiors for our clients. The design decisions are taken keeping in mind the functionality of the space.

For hospitality spaces like hotels and restaurants, commercial hospitality lighting plays a significant role. It has a huge impact on the quality of the time spent by your guests. Our products for hospitality interior design covers a wide range from creating beautiful commercial hospitality lighting to decorating the walls, we take care of every small detail. With The Purple Turtles, you can create the perfect space for your guests.