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Nayantara Brass Oval Tray - Large

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Brass, a copper and zinc alloy, is known for its many health benefits. This metal boasts of an unique color, strong durability, and a beautiful sheen. Its historical use is well-documented, from ancient texts to modern research. While brass is known for its antibacterial properties, to maximize its benefits, wise usage and proper care are key.

Brassware is antimicrobial, eliminating harmful bacteria and toxins. Using brass utensils can help prevent illnesses linked to copper and zinc deficiencies.

Eating from brass dinnerware can aid in weight loss by promoting mindful eating and supporting metabolism due to its copper content.

Brass dinnerware, with its high zinc content, can boost immunity and enhance water's mineral infusion for a healthier immune system.

Care Instructions:

Hand Wash: Always wash brass tableware by hand with mild soap and warm water. Avoid using abrasive scouring pads.

Clean brass kitchenware with oxalic acid for stubborn stains or use acetone, toothpaste, vinegar, lemon acid, or soapy water for regular cleaning, depending on the stains' severity. Avoid Dishwashers: Do not put brass tableware in the dishwasher, as the harsh detergents and high heat can damage the finish.

Avoid Acidic Foods: Limit the use of brass tableware for highly acidic foods, as prolonged contact can cause copper leaching and affect the taste.

Avoid Prolonged Moisture: Brass should be kept dry to prevent tarnishing. Dry thoroughly after washing and avoid leaving it in a damp environment.

NOTE: If the utensils begin to fade over time, it is not necessary to clean it. Darkening does not always mean that the top layer has begun to oxidize, and such an external change has its own appeal.

Additional Information

Colour Matt Brass
Dimensions (cms) 36x25.5x1.5
Material Brass
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