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10 Diwali gifts guaranteed to stay bright for a while

For those who like putting a little bit of love and thought into buying presents,Diwali is almost nirvana. So many terrific things to choose from, so many loved ones to make happy. That sometimes, too, is the problem: the problem of plenty. There’s an easy way to solve that. Understand the style you want to go with, have an understanding of what you want to say when you give presents. That pretty much narrows down the list of places that you can shop at. Fortunately, at The Purple Turtles, we have shiny, pretty things to suit just about any sense of style. Run through this list of our top 10 picks for the gifting season and we assure you you’ll come back for more than a couple.

1. Our top pick is of course lights! Exquisite filigree candle holders that cast intricate shadows on your walls: make any moment magical with these wonders that we have in especially for Diwali.

2. Poetry and light, can there be a more perfect combination? Jenny Pinto’s lights that have art and verse printed on them, perfect for an actual kid or a grown up that’s a kid at heart.

3. Olie’s winter collection of linen will actually stop you in your tracks, justify spending more than you intended to, and still not have buyer’s regret two days later. Take your pick from bed and sofa linens to fabric lampshades, Olie is unique, stylish and in our store

4. What can be better than seeing the lovely Diwali spirit of a home reflected in mirrors that scream character? Distressed mirrors, vintage ones, classic framed or nautical themed: there’s a perfectly framed mirror for just about any kind of person.

5. Candles add that bit of sophistication to compliment the earthy charm of clay diyas. From tea lights to larger accent candles, choose one that fits right in with your festive decor.

6. If we are talking candles, can candle holders be far behind? Wooden candle holders add chunk and charm to just about any space. Go back to rustic style with these brilliantly repurposed charpoy legs to hold elegant long candles.

7. While wood is warm and wonderful, perhaps it doesn’t suit your style? Don’t fret because we are willing to bet you absolutely will not be able to refuse these laser-cut metal tea-light holders. Crafted with love and innate sense of beauty, these holder when lit up, add a warm glow that only metal can provide.

8. Just about everyone we know fairy lights make things immediately better. Be it small pinpoints of light or light enclosed in patterned linen or paper. Check out the ones we have at the store because you’ll fall in love with them starting right at the packaging.

9.  Painted kettles. If you’ve got a quirk in your soul, you’ll love these painted kettles by Aarohi. Kitsch never looked so good.

10. We began with lights, and we’ll end with lights too. Or at least light holders. The exquisite lighthouse collection: structured pieces of work in glass and leather. We love them so much, we almost want to keep them for ourselves!

Come indulge, and make this Diwali just a little more special.

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