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11 Ways To Re-use Old Wine Bottles (DIY)

Had a party at home? What come with all that fun are loads of empty wine bottles. Instead of just throwing them away, you can reuse them in a lot of fun and innovative ways. Read-up this quick DIY article to learn how.

Quick tip before you proceed: low heat bottles in water to easily remove labels.


1. Milk Vases

All you need is some spray paint (or just regular paints and a brush) and wine bottles to create these lovely looking vases.


2. Twine Vase

This is a super simple one. You’ll need a ball of twine, a wine bottle and a couple of hours of patience. That’s it! ;)


3. Garden Edging

You’ll need to have a LOT more parties at home to collect enough bottles for this one. But if you manage to do it, you’ll have a funky looking garden and a more than happening social life.


4. Vacation Water Dispenser

Going on a vacation? Just add water to the bottle and pop upside down into a pot of plants and get going with a guilty free vacation.


5. Wine Bottle Torch

Now this one’s a little complicated; but the outcome is definitely worth it.

Here’s a detailed article on how to DIY:


6. Bottle Lamp

This one’s again a little complicated, but completely worth the effort. Here’s how to make it:


7. Chalkboard Bottle

The coolest thing about this is that you can write anything you want on them (with a chalk).

Here’s a video on how to make one:


8. Bottle Cuts

Here’s a very simple video that shows how you can cut a glass bottle with basic household supplies:

If you can manage to do that without putting your house on fire, here’s some awesome stuff you can do with the cut bottles.

Beer Bottle Tumblers


Wine Bottle Vases


9. Candle Stands

Simple yet elegant. If your candle is too wide to fit in the neck of your bottle, melt the bottom of the candle with another one. Melting the wax slightly will also help it stick better.


10. Freestyle Chandeliers

Take clear bottles, fill them with flowers and suspend them from the ceiling. Voila! You have your DIY Freestyle Chandelier.


11. Mood Lamps

All you need to do is add some fairy lights to an empty wine bottle. They work as great décor for small house parties/gatherings.


What do you think? Plan on trying out any of them? Tell us via comments.

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