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5 Cannot miss products from November

November was a busy month of us at The Purple Turtles. We’ve had a whole range of new and exciting products come in from all across India and from a variety of designers and if there is one thing in common its COLOUR!  So without much ado incase you’ve missed our new arrivals last month here’s our list of 5 products you cannot miss at our store.

1. Dreamtime Lamps

Our Dreamtime lamps are hand crafted using hand- embroidery and origami techniques. They can brighten up your kids rooms giving them a unique design touch or even make for great kids gifts or that perfect gift for that pregnant friends nursery.

2. BeadBall Lights 

If vibrant colours and eclectic lights is your style then we have a feeling you will love these beadball lights. Made out of glass, beads and acrylic they come in 3 different shapes adding a lovely warm glow to your space along with a splash of funk and colour.

3. Gourd Series

Nothing like anything we’ve had at the store before, these beautiful gourds are collected by the tribal toddy tapping community living in the jungles ofTamilnadu.They are not hybrid gourds but the wild and traditional variety. The tribal communities cut the dried gourds and use them as cups to collect toddy and wild honey. Over the years artist Indra has come to know these tribals well, as she travels into the hamlets and villages where they live. She urges them to keep some of the gourd pieces for her to use for her gourd craft. A truly ‘made from india’ product.

4. Banana Fiber Baskets

‘Made from India’ by artisans of The Kishkinda Trust, these banana fiber baskets have been specially hand made by the women of Anegundi. The Banana fiber cottage industry has been a livelihood means for over 200 women since its inception. These women artisans have formed a federation comprising of 15 villages. Practical and beautifully handcrafted they make for the perfect storage at home or even a unique gift with a story.

5. The Retryement Plan

Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. That’s the mantra Anu Tandon lives by and so do her products. Made lovingly are her woven products  of chairs, stools are uniquely made using old tyres. An art you definitely don’t want to miss seeing. She’ll be showcasing her products at our store from the 29th of november.

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