5 Party Themes For Fun Get-togethers With Your Friends!

Who doesn’t love a good party? While Friendship Day may have passed us by, the festivities can continue! Here are some ideas to rustle up creative and entertaining get-togethers which will have you celebrating with your friends all year long!

1. Lights, Camera, Action! – An Outdoor Movie Party:

Have nostalgic memories of watching your favorite movie under the stars at the local drive-in theatre? Gather your friends and host a fun movie screening in your backyard!

After taking care of the essentials for an outdoor movie screening like a good projector, make-shift screen and effective sound system, create a warm, carnivalesque atmosphere for your garden party. Set up a Popcorn and Drinks station with interesting pop corn flavors and a host of chilled bottles at hand for your guests to enjoy!

Use upturned old shipping crates as tables and light the garden with the soft glow of candle votives. Place an illuminated retro style ‘Now Showing’ sign at the entrance of the garden and dot the garden with old movie reels and vintage movie posters to set the atmosphere further!

Prop a vintage wheelbarrow to store cushions and blankets for the evening. Don’t forget to lay out cushions and pillows on the grass for your guests to snuggle up in while they munch on pop corn and enjoy the evening’s entertainment!



2. Around The World In 80 Days! – A Travel Themed Party:

Constantly dreaming about your next adventure and have wheels on your feet? Perfect for those bitten by the travel bug, a travel-themed party lets you indulge in your wanderlust with fellow explorers!

Set the mood for the party by sending out Boarding pass themed invites to guests. Rummage through second hand bookstores and flea markets for interesting travel books and vintage knick knacks.

Use a Globe as a centerpiece for your table or place a pile of Travel books to create an interesting table centerpiece. Stack some old Suitcases or Trunks near the Bar or Dessert table and display an old Polaroid camera or a vintage Compass to infuse a spirit of adventure to your do!

Create lasting memories from your get-together by asking guests to write out messages on Baggage-tag shaped cards, and pin them onto a map for a fun visual display!



3. Swing Into The Roaring Twenties! - A Great Gatsby Themed Party:

Step back in time to the opulent era of Art Deco and give your guests an unforgettable time Jay Gatsby style by transporting them to the lavish era of the Jazz Age and the Roaring Twenties!

Channel the geometric feel and sharp angles of Art Deco style and give your guests a taste of what’s in store for them at the party through chic Art Deco style invitations.

Incorporate Black, White and Cream into your party décor with plenty of Gold shimmer! String glittering fairy lights across the venue and drape sequins and pearls on the table and around Mason jar candle votives to add a touch of bling! Adorn the walls with vintage posters and ‘Prohibition’ signs and scour thrift shops for old telephones and gramophone players to create an old world vibe. Serve decadent desserts and appetizers on tiered serving trays to enhance the luxurious feel of the party and lay out your champagne flutes!

Set a fun and glitzy dress code with girls in tasseled flapper dresses and feathered hats, and guys in suits, bowties, pocket squares and prop cigars. Throw in some lively 1920s music sprinkled with generous amounts of Jazz and you have yourself a Great Gatsby style party!



4. This Way To The Mad Hatter’s Party! – An Alice In Wonderland Themed Tea Party:

Anyone for a game of Croquet? Take your guests on a journey ‘Through the Looking Glass’ and ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ to a whimsical wonderland tea party!

Create a tea-time atmosphere in your garden by setting up a quaint centerpiece for your table. Stack pretty teacups and saucers on one another and embellish them with strings of pearls and flowers. Place floral teapots on piles of vintage books and decorate them with lace and fresh flowers. Lay out a mélange of charming trinkets like vintage pocket watches, old charms, brooches and skeleton keys in a vintage ornament box for added effect.


Create a sea of floating china by suspending old tea pots and tea cups over the tables. If DIY is your thing, you could even create teacup lamps by recycling old teacups into hanging lighting décor! Hang a few distressed wooden frames from tree branches to give your guests a lovely backdrop to capture photographic memories from the party.

Add a touch of whimsy by placing little glass bottles with ‘Drink me’ tags and serve your guests delectable cupcakes labeled with ‘Eat me’ tags. Dot the garden with quirky quotes from the book (“We are all mad here!”, “It’s always tea time”, “Off with her head!”), hang up playful signs for directions to the party (‘This way’, ‘That way’, ‘Up’, ‘Down’) and welcome your guests to your whimsical wonderland!


5. Of Barns, Farms And The Great Outdoors! – A Rustic Theme Party:

Have an outdoorsy spirit and enjoy hosting barbeques and picnics in your garden or backyard for friends? Highlight elements from natural settings like a barn or a farm to create a Rustic vibe - Incorporate wood, burlap and twine in creative ways, place freshly plucked flowers and serve plenty of lemonade and homemade goodies!

Use a wheelbarrow in a novel manner to stock up on drinks for your guests! List out the refreshments for the day on a quaint chalkboard menu, prop handmade wooden signs around the venue and up cycle old wooden barrels into side tables and place potted plants on them to create interesting décor elements.


Stack wooden crates near your picnic table or in various corners of your venue and style them with mason jars or bottles filled with flowers. Alternatively, place Mason jar candle votives on an old step ladder with a crate of colorful flowers at its base to create a charming little corner.


Last but not the least, pay attention to the details for your Table setting – Use plaid checks as cheerful table runners, decorate Mason jars with burlap and lace and prop pretty wildflowers in them and lay jam jars on the table to round out that rustic feel! We also loved the delightful picnic box place settings below – A treasure trove of goodies packed in picnic boxes with colorful checkered napkins!



Which of these party décor themes are you waiting to use for your next get-together? Any other interesting themes to add to the list? Let us know in your comments!

– Written by Namratha Jagadish for The Purple Turtles.


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