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5 Ways mirrors can instantly take your room from alright to awesome

Mirrors as home decor have proven themselves time and again. From quiet elegance to a splash of style, mirrors as accents are versatile, classy and very easy to put in place. With so many options, you could go for a different mirror in every room you have and still not be repetitive. Moreover, if you’ve got your own ideas, all you need to do is get a mirror, a carpenter and inspiration to get your accent together. In the absence of that, take a look at the mirrors we have and see how you can fit them best in your homes.

Mirrors in tight spaces.

Using a floor length mirror behind a big piece of furniture in a cosy corner gives an illusion of space. Mirrors the same size of the furniture make them look like they were meant to be there and not like they’re forced into a space.  Our reclaimed wood mirror is a perfect option.

Smoke and mirrors

Here’s a trick you wont pick up easily on  by watching. But placing a mirror behind a lamp or a light of any kind instantly gives your room a glow that makes it warm and generous. This works even if the lamp is dim because the mirror will enhance the light that the lamp emanates. May we present our distressed finish mirror for this decor idea?

Playing oppsites

Choose a window with a view and place a mirror opposite it. Voila! You have a placement that maximises natural light as wellas allows you to access to the view from your window from many places in the room. The aluminium porthole mirror,from our nautical cllection, is perfect for this little trick.

Mirror, mirror… mirror, mirror, mirror

You’ve all seen the photo wall, and possibly tired of it. Take that idea and shift it to mirrors. Use several mirrors, of different kinds — sizes, shapes, frames, colours — and put them together in close proximity. Chances are you won’t need anything else on the wall where this beauty will go up. Choose just about any mirror from our collection to create this.

Art attack

If you have a wall where you have groupings — either of ceramic plaques, art, souviners, even pictures, a great way to break the crowded look is to pop a mirror bang in the middle of it. Group the art or the motifs around the mirror to give you a stunning visual that also has breathing space. Add a textured wall around it and you’ve got a work of art all in itself. If this idea is appealing, we have just the thing for you in our carved wood mirrors.

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