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5 Ways To Cool Your Home (With Décor) This Summer

Well, the summer’s here! Longer days, scorching heat and tiring outings make you want to stay indoors as much as possible. Now, wouldn’t this be a perfect excuse (and time) for you to deck up your home? So here are 5 ways you can make this summer a cool affair with some home decor!

1. Pretty Printed Sofas

Prints are definitely the way to go this season. The vibrant colors on floral prints are the perfect addition to your décor during this dry spell. Place the sofa in a spot where there’s ample light and cool breeze flowing in. And what could be a better way to unwind at the end of a long day than to sit on your pretty sofa with your favorite book and some chilled juice to sip on.


2. Let’s Color Code

Add a soothing touch to your décor by drawing some inspiration from fresh flowers, soothing green trees and clear blue skies. Light colors leave a soothing effect on the overall atmosphere of a space. Color code your home decor with combinations like ocean blues and white, minty greens and blue or pastel pinks / peaches with a pop of summery yellows. Or you could go all plain white with a dash of colorful home décor.

3. Brighten up the space with colorful upholstery

You can never go wrong with throwing in a few vibrant cushions and upholstery. Adding a pop of color to your seating space is a great way to bring in some cool vibes in your home. Experiment with various sizes of printed cushions, window dressings made of light fabrics and jute floor coverings to see what works best.


4. Bright, bright, bright décor!

When it comes to home décor, luckily there’s always a wide range to choose from (just hope over to The Purple Turtles :)). Once you decide on your color palette, selecting the right pieces shouldn't be too difficult. Bird cages in pastel colors, floral lamps, and wall-hangings in funky shapes, colors and sizes should be easily available. Stick to light colors and hues of blues and greens to give a soothing effect to the rooms.


5. Go Green

Indoor plants bring about a refreshing look and also leave a soothing effect on the eyes. You can place small shrubs on tables, window panes or tall plants next to your seating arrangement, in corners or right at the entrance. And if you’ve always wanted an indoor herb garden, now is the time to get one in your own kitchen!


Loved the tips? Go ahead and try them out and send us pics of how your home looks after!

Got more ideas like these? Share them via comments! J


Image sources: 5 Ways To Cool Your Home This Summer
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