Why Does Bathroom Lighting Have To Be Boring?


Gone are the days when it was a given that bathrooms would sport the same lifeless white tiles and dull black mats at the entrance. Bathrooms were and many cases still are treated as mere utilities that serve a function, without a definite character or identity. But increasingly people realize the importance of paying more attention to designing their bathrooms. Just like the other rooms in a house, the bathroom serves several more purposes, even acting as a source of comfort at the shower or bath tub after a long tiring day at work.

Let us have a look at some of the little things you can do to light up your bathroom and to give it a contemporary design.


Having a mirror above the sink is standard in most bathrooms but why not try something a bit different?  For instance the mirror could be positioned on the back of the door or designed much larger in size so as to shake up a things a little.


It is a no brainer that white is out. If time permits it is worthwhile experimenting with colours that we are accustomed to finding in the living room. Nevertheless it would not be a bad idea to be a little more imaginative by going for warmer colours with soft lighting complementing it alongside the flooring.

Celebrate your sink.

A pedestal sink will give any bathroom a classic touch — and it can help to open up a small room.

Add a little drama

In the desire to create the mood for a luxurious and romantic style bathroom, what could add more elegance or glamour than a beautiful chandelier over a sensational soaking tub?

Ensure you have a waterproof seal to keep out moisture that could eventually corrode the electrics. With this in mind, it is much safer to buy a drop crystal shade that simply fits around a light fitting. It's always better to install UL listed lighting for wet environments in the bathroom. Safety comes first when you are placing electrical fixtures near water.

Life is tough. We work a lot of hours and it's nice to come home to a welcoming atmosphere! You are not only in the bathroom for functional reasons. It is a place to relax, and to become re-energized. So get working on your bathroom lighting! :)


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