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6 Monsoon Must Haves in Your Home

Midway through the Monsoon season, umbrellas and rain coats are being sold like hot cakes! While you’re busy stocking up on all the monsoon essentials, how about finding a place to put your soaking wet raingear? Don’t forget your muddy footwear that leaves a trail of mess!

Here’s where we step in and tell you what your home needs this monsoon. Here are 6 monsoon must-haves that your home needs :)

1. Wall Hooks

Your raincoats did a great job saving you from getting drenched in the rain, but it’s not going to save your home from being a mess if you decide to walk into your home with a wet raincoat! But when you can use wall hooks, why worry? Put them up at the entrance of your home, behind the door or on the side wall. So the next time you end up with a dripping wet jacket, hang it on the hook and walk into your home without having to worry about creating a wet floor. Wondering where you can find good wall hooks? We have some pretty and colorful looking hooks at our store!


2. Umbrella Stand

Umbrellas are a must have in every household as they come handy in almost every season, be it monsoon or summer. But have you thought of finding a partner for your umbrella? No, we’re not referring to you, we mean umbrella stands. You need to find a place to put the umbrellas when not in use. You can always put them in the cupboard or anywhere else, but what if they are wet? Umbrella stands are the way to go. They not only serve the purpose of storing wet umbrellas, but they also make a nice home décor piece to have at the entrance of your home!

Here are a few references to keep in mind when you go shopping for umbrella stands.


3. Drying Rack

Monsoons leave your clothes smelling damp as you can’t air dry them outdoors. Drying racks come handy during these times as they are designed to allow your clothes to dry well when kept indoors. They also save a lot of space especially if your home is small. And if you live in an apartment, drying racks are a must have and it is probably something you already own by now.  Some of the racks enable drying many clothes at once and much faster. They can be fitted into walls or placed anywhere in your home. And when they’re not in use, they come in sleeks designs so storing them shouldn’t be a problem. You should actually consider these creative references or maybe take this up as a new DIY project ;)


4. Sheer Curtains

Your windows can definitely do with some sheer warmth. Translucent window curtains are in vogue this season. Because they come in beautiful light fabrics like lace, light linens, and even crochets, they make charming window dressings. Sheer curtains allow just the right amount of light to enter, while maintaining your privacy.  You can break away from the regular styles and maybe go a little Boho, to create a dreamy retreat in your home. Take a look at the references below to see the variety you can choose from.


5. Door Mats

Monsoon season is when you need to bring out those water absorbent mats and place them at the entryway. Make sure that every entrance to your home has two door mats each, one inside the door and one outside. Opt for neutral colored door mats which would effectively camouflage the dirt and sludge that’s left behind. Rubber and coir doormats are effective in helping you get the dirt off your footwear while they absorb water as well. Plastic/Synthetic faux grass mats are also an option as these are low maintenance.


6.Boot Tray

Boot Trays are super easy and inexpensive way to dry boots and wet footwear. It is a nice entryway organization in your home that helps drain the water a little better and very simple to make as well. Put your wet and dirty footwear on the boot tray and help save the floor from clutter and stains. They maybe a thing in The States, but given how simple it looks to create one, consider getting it in your home :)


With this list, you can save your home from becoming a mess this Monsoon. Let us know if you have any such ideas via comments :)
Psst: Don’t forget to do Rainwater Harvesting. Conserve water!


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