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How To Pick The Perfect Lamp

Picking the perfect lamp is a lot like choosing the right accessory – it has to be a right fit for any location or occasion. The lamp should be suitable for your in-laws coming over or a small get-together at home. It just needs to draw enough attention to be noticed.

To pick the perfect lamp, you could start by assessing the room that you want to add a little more lighting to, identify the mood you want to set in the room or even think about the zone you’d like to get into in its presence. Now, think of the other arrangements around it…the colour tones and style of the chair next to the table by the window or the cushion near the television. Once, you’re sure of the surroundings, you can buy a perfect lamp complementing it.

Just to make it easier for you, we have detailed out four tips to help you pick the perfect lamp:

1. Light

Depending on the amount of light you need, choose the translucency of your lampshade. Dark shades filter the light out creating a romantic setting and add a sense of warmth to your room. On the other hand, wider and transparent lampshades will allow more light to emanate around the room which would be suitable for activities like reading.


2. Colour

Choose a lampshade that compliments and adds more character to your room. Bold colours would be more suitable if you want your lights to be the focal point of the room. However, for a more subtle look, neutral tones would be preferred. Remember, if you’re mixing and matching colours, the colour of the lamp should either be in contrast or match the color tone/theme of the room.


3. Design

This is a matter of style. Would you prefer a plain shade or something a little more decorative? Simple white silk shades can add elegance to your room. Or if you’re looking for something fun and happy, vibrant textures and designs would be a better fit.


4. Height and Width

These technicalities will come in handy if you’re buying the lampshade and base separately. Remember:

  • The taller the lamp, the larger the shade
  • Shade height should be about 3/4 the height of the base
  • Shade width should be wider than the widest part of the base


Lamps are an opportunity to add an extra element into your space. Be its glow, colour or art. Lamps are an easy fix to personalize your interiors. They’re rotatable and can be changed as per your need. And always trust your eye, if you think it’s a good fit, go for it! Hope you enjoy picking this new piece of accessory for your home.

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