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7 lovely décor pieces you can make from holiday souvenirs!

It’s the holiday season! You’ve probably gone for a fantastic holiday with your friends or family and come back with some souvenirs to remind you of the great time you had.

These small or big mementos could actually make your home quite interesting – and also become a topic of conversation while entertaining guests. They also remind us of the journey’s we’ve undertaken with loved ones and the fond memories that were created during the escapade.

So, here are 7 lovely décor pieces you can make from holiday souvenirs and make them last forever!

1. Beach Lanterns: For the ones who had a beach holiday. Just gather up some clear glass vases and jars, add some sand (preferably white), fill it up with shells, sea stars or anything else you’ve gotten back from the beach, and add a candle. The grouping will make a great visual impact.




2. Framed Maps: the simplest and classiest way to showcase your travels. All you need is simple frames and the maps that you used while you were on your trip.



3. Kitchen Magnet Wall: the fridge door’s going to get crowded pretty soon if you’re a sucker for fridge magnets and an avid traveller. We don’t blame you. Fridge magnets are tiny and easy to carry. Anybody would pick them. Install a magnet wall where you can curate all of them and show people where you’ve been.



4. Coffee Table Focal Point: you don’t necessarily need to dedicate an entire wall to your souvenir collection. If you don’t have too many, just arrange them on a large platter and make an interesting coffee table focal point. This collection of Japanese sake cups is an apt example.



5. Miniatures Wall Art: if you tried the local ‘beverages’ and even brought back some home, just stack them all up on a wall shelf and add some back lighting to bring them to life.



6. Frame Regional Textiles or Costumes: What’s the point of letting a traditional dress or piece of textile that you wore on your trip eat dust in your wardrobe? Instead, frame it and make it an off-beat piece of wall-art.



7. Woven Baskets Wall Feature: let’s admit it, you’re ever going to use those woven baskets you brought back from your South East Asia/Africa trip. Just fix them all on a wall and convert them into a gorgeous piece of wall décor.



Liked the ideas? Tell us via comments :)


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