7 Ways To Add Festive Cheer To Monsoon Decor!

The First rains of the season always bring a shimmer of magic with them – The gentle pattering of raindrops against the glass…The scent of rain-soaked earth after a downpour…Snuggling up with a steaming cup of tea and a good book for company… However, despite the beauty of the rains, they do have a tendency to play spoilsport with your outdoor entertaining plans!

For those times when the party needs to be moved indoors due to the rains, here are some ideas to bring festive cheer to monsoon decor in your home and discover that silver lining in the clouds!

1. The Enchanted Garden
Bring the freshness of the outdoors inside your home with potted plants strewn around and dainty flower arrangements adorning your table as centerpieces. Accentuate the look with the soft glow of lanterns and twinkling fairy lights to create your lush Indoor wonderland!


2. Let there be Light (And Fragrance)!
To infuse warmth and aroma to your ambience and set a relaxed, mellow mood, place scented candles around the living room or arrange an assortment of candle votives on a tray and bask in their soothing fragrance and afterglow.


3. A touch of Whimsy!
Interested in adding a few quirky twists to your party décor?  Re-use old rain boots as cheery vases to welcome your guests!


Add a whimsical flavor to your party décor with this Wishing Tree. Get your guests to write out small messages on tags, which can be then hung on the tree with colorful ribbons. Create lasting memories of special moments you can look back at!


4. Channeling Bohemian Chic
Add a splash of colour to your décor this rainy season with Bohemian accents! Decorate your space with light draping in vibrant hues like electric pink, purple and tangerine, and hang clusters of Moroccan-themed lanterns to bring a touch of the exotic to your do!


5. A Sea of Floating Umbrellas
Let your trusty rain companions double up as décor accents to brighten up a rainy day! String colourful umbrellas from the ceiling or create a floating umbrella theme in your patio area for that fun Sunday brunch!


6. (Baby) Showered with Rain!
Conjure up the perfect Baby Shower for that best friend who is expecting! Celebrate the impending arrival of her bundle of joy with this Rain-Themed Baby Shower – cloud cupcakes, pom pom clouds et al!


7. A Tale of Crockery
Do you pride yourself on your lovingly collected eclectic tableware? Lay it out creatively to give your guests a visual (and gastronomical) treat! Don’t be surprised if they want to get straight to the dinner table :)



How would you brighten up your décor for an Indoor party on a rainy day? Let us know in your comments!

– Written by Namratha Jagadish for The Purple Turtles.

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