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8 kick-ass products from our summer collection

The summer’s here! And so is our summer home décor collection. Here’s a quick glance at 8 products we think that you’ll absolutely love.

1. Love Seat (Two Seaters)

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle  is the mantra for this unique range of furniture. A majority of the products involve discarded tyres, old clothes from factories, discarded packaging material which are used with bamboo and cane to create top quality pieces of furniture. This beautiful sofa from the collection is perfectly suitable for indoor as well as outdoor arrangements as it is durable and waterproof – hence posing no risk of damage from rain.

Where to keep it:  Perfect for your sit out, balcony or even for your living room.
Material: Cane and Fabric
Price: ₹ 34,800/- + VAT
Colour: Multi coloured

2. Palme Floor Tube

“Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun kissed hair… that endless summer, take me there."
- Unknown
When we think of palm trees, what comes to mind is summer time and easy living. This unique floor lamp, laser-cut to represent palm leaves with its sleek frame and bright colour is the just the summer lamp you’re looking for.

Where to keep it: Dress up any corner of your home or office and bring the outdoors in.
Material: Fabric
Price:  ₹ 11,000/- + VAT
Colour: Green


3. Pendant Lights from the Olie Collection

It’s all in the details. Available in windsong, impermanence and heartlight collections, these beautiful pendant lights are made from hand-twisted banana fibre that is woven into various patterns. They come with hand-crafted banana fiber caps that give it a rustic finish.

Where to keep it: Hang it over your dining table or in a cluster in a corner  of the living room.
Material: Printed Cotton Fabric
Price: ₹ 4,800 each + VAT

4. Polka Dot Single Seater Sofa

If you see bright spots when you come into our store this summer, don’t worry, it’s probably just this elegant Polka Dot Sofa. If you have stuff with bold patterns at home, then this cute single-seater sofa will be the perfect companion for those products.

Where to keep it: Bring life to your living room with this single seater sofa that can match with any other living room seating.
Material: Fabric
Price: ₹ 27,000/- +VAT
Colour: Grey and mutli coloured polka Dot

5. Cushions and more cushions

Coming in various shapes, sizes and prints, each hand printed cushion cover has a beautiful, natural banana fibre detail, with the back of each cover having a detail of hand-braided banana fibre tie ups.

Where to keep it: Seating (Sofa, poufs,chairs, etc), bedding or floor cushion,
Material: Printed Cotton and jute
Price: ₹ 875 – 1260 + VATM

6. MU Wire Pendant Lamp

Lighting doesn't get any more quirky than these Wire Lamps. If you want to add some funk to your home this summer, these colourful wire lamps are just what you need.

Where to keep it: Hang indoor or outdoor (semi-covered). Best used in a cluster over your bar, breakfast table , stairwell or corner of your living room.
Material : Metal (Powder coated)
Price: ₹ 2000/- each +VAT
Colour: Red, Blue, Yellow and Black

7. Raw Silk Mugal Dome Lights

Made from raw silk, these beautiful pendant Mugal Dome Lamps come in various colours that can be customised based on the colour theme that best suits your home.

Where to keep it: Perfect to dress up your living room corner.
Material: Raw silk
Price: ₹ 3,500 – 11,000 +VAT
Colour : Can be customised

8. Shoji Table Lights

These endearing little lamps are made of shoji / rice paper (that is a part of the ancient Chinese culture). Shoji Paper has been creatively used to create vibrant lamps with various colours, form and texture. They provide great ambience, are a perfect choice for gifting on festive occasions and can lighten up your own home during parties and special occasions.

Where to keep it:  Add some colour to your bedside or your living room side table.

Price: ₹ 1200 each (Tube) + VAT
Material: Shoji Paper
Colour: Can be customized

So what do you think of our collection? Let us know via comments


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