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9 Products From The Purple Turtles To Inject Magic Into Your Festive Décor!

It’s that time of the year again! The start of the Festival season brings with it warm memories of times gone by and eager anticipation of the vibrant celebrations in the months ahead!

Indulgence in sinful sweet treats…The sound of foot-tapping music and lively chatter… Re-unions with your favorite cousins or that good friend you haven’t met in ages…While all these elements and more characterize the festive season, adding a festive touch to your home décor to set a celebratory mood is also at the top of our list!

Here are some eclectic décor accents from our collection to inject magic into your festive décor:

1. Oh Suzani! - An intricate Central Asian form of tribal textile embroidery, Suzanis have taken the décor world by storm! Originating from the Persian word ‘Suzan’ which means needle, Suzanis are known for their rich vibrant colors and distinctive textures and patterns. This stunning Suzani-themed Accent Chair from our collection is sure to be a conversation starter in your home.


Or Prop these vivid Suzani-inspired cushion covers in your living room for a bold pop of color!


2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – An interesting mirror can add a wealth of character to a space. Incorporate one of our Distressed-finish Wall Mirrors in your festive décor – Set up our Window Panel Mirror against the wall as a dramatic backdrop for Ganesha and create a statement corner in your home!


3. A Taste of Tradition with Brass & Copper – This takes us back to visions of an old Chettinad-style home, patterned tiles, a lush courtyard and traditional Brass and Copper utensils. Give your home an ethnic touch with these Antique-finish Brass & Copper utensils from our collection. Display them on your centre table for guests to revel in the glory of yesteryears or place a bouquet of pretty flowers in the metal water pots to add some floral cheer to the room!


4. A Statement with Serene Marble – Aren’t delectable sweet treats the highlight of any festival? Combine that with a delightful visual display to tempt your guests with an irresistible indulgence! May we suggest our exquisite and soothing Marble platters to serve the same? We also think laying these platters out in your foyer with fresh flowers delicately arranged in them is a charming way to welcome your guests to the festivities!


5. Wooden Platters Galore - These rustic Wooden platters from our collection are an extremely versatile addition to your festive decor! Use them as trays to serve an assortment of fruits to your guests or lay out your Pooja essentials in them for ready reference.


We also love these vibrant Painted Platters from our Colour Play Collection which will add a burst of color to your festivities. Place little goodie bags in them as fun party favors for guests to take away from your do!


6. Of Crates and Trays! – Add a Retro vibe to your Diwali party by storing chilled bottles of your guests’ favorite drinks in these vintage-themed Wooden Crate-trays from our collection. Alternatively, serve chilled glasses of liquid refreshment for the evening in these quirky trays and set a casual and relaxed tone to your celebration!


7. A Dash of Dramatic Wall Art – If walls could talk, would they tell us tales of ancient fables and exotic lands? Inject a dash of drama and history to your wall décor and relive the romance of a by-gone era with this exquisite collection of Painted Wall Art.


Or adorn your walls with this Ventilation Jaali and Ventilation Bud Mirror for a regal Mughal-esque vibe!


8. A New Lease of Life for Antique Weighing Coins – This collection of Antique Iron Weight Measures is sure to pique your guests’ interest. Use them creatively as paper weights to hold down napkins for the evening’s refreshments, or lay them out in a cluster on a pile of books or magazines for an intriguing table centerpiece!


9. Shine On – And of course, no celebration is complete without the soft, enchanting glow of Tea-Lights! An integral part of any festive décor, and especially Diwali celebrations, here are some lovely pieces from our collection to light up your home.

These ornate Tea-Light holders from our collection are sure to cast a magical air upon the evening’s celebrations when lit!


Any other products from our collection you would love to include in your festive décor? Let us know in your comments below!

– Written by Namratha Jagadish for The Purple Turtles.

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