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9 Ways To Make The Most Of Small Spaces

Do you think your little apartment needs some breathing space and a face lift? If yes, read on!

Just because you have a small space, doesn’t mean you can’t do a lot with it!  Small space living and minimalism is totally in now - or that’s what you can claim ;) Here are 9 ideas that’ll help you bring out the best from a small space living!


1. Wall mounted table

If the walls of your home are a little closer together than you’d like, you’ll need compact solutions. And we have the perfect idea for you if you want to install a table even if you’re running out of space. Wall mounted tables/desks are a super smart tables and serve as nice wall art as well. They come in different designs, and we’ve compiled a few for you.



2. Corner Storage Spaces

Make the most of close quarters with shelves that let you keep all your favorite décor, books and pictures on display. Using corner spaces is a great way to overcome your small space woes. Furnish the corners with simple wooden planks or minimal creative shelves to make the most of it. Here’s some visual inspiration for you.


3. Space saver mirrors with storage

Need your beauty products and accessories just as much as you need a mirror? Trying to fit a dressing table into your small apartment is only going to leave the space crunched. Here’s why we decided to show you some chic looking space saver mirrors with storage. You can either opt for one that comes with a small cabinet or get one of those sleek slide storage mirrors.


4. Storage Space Around Doors

Look around to find spaces that aren’t being utilized to their maximum potential. Think about unused corners and blank walls around your doors. Think vertically as well as horizontally; and you’ll notice that there is lot of unused space above and around the door. Right?. Use the empty portions to your advantage with vertical storage units and the top of the door with horizontal storage units.


5. Side Table with Serving Tray

If you’re one of those people who love small side tables, then this one is for you. Placing serving trays on them, especially big ones is really inconvenient. But what if you can have a table that serves as both a side table and a serving tray? Take a look at these tables that come with slide out serving trays with colorful prints on them.


6. Loft Beds

The loft bed is an amazing space saver for small rooms. They are stylish, modern and simple in design. It is basically a bunk bed- but for adults. Unlike bunk beds, which come with 2 beds, one on top and one below, you can convert the space below into a workstation, study area or even make it your personal favorite nook.


7. Staircase Space

We all know how we can turn the space under the staircase into a storage area by fitting some cupboards and shelves. But guess what, you can do more than just installing cupboards under the staircase. Heck! Harry Potter lived in one of these! But let’s not go that far! It can certainly be your workstation or reading area. Just squeeze in a tiny sofa and a few cushions to create a cozy lounging space, while you enjoy your favorite book or have a nice nap. This just saves you the pain of getting a study table or a sofa.


8. Slide Out Tables

Slide-out or push-out tables are absolutely amazing space savers. You can use these in your kitchen or living room when you want more room on a table. Take a look at how simple these tables are and the amount of space they can save for you.


9. Compact Dining Tables

A table that chairs fit into perfectly is just what a small apartment needs. When you have chairs that neatly tuck in under the table, it creates so much more space around it. Tables that come with shelves on either side allow you to put some of the daily used crockery in it and help make dining a more hassle free affair.


Planning to try some of these space saving ideas?  If yes, don’t forget to tell/show us how your home looks like after! :)


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