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Celebrate The Monsoon With Hues Of Blues And Greens

Got the monsoon ‘blues'? If yes, this piece is going to help you ward them off with the help of hues of blues and greens, the colors that celebrate the ‘bright’ side of the monsoons. A pop of bright sky blue, teal blue, turquoise, aquamarine, minty blue, sea green and leafy green is sure to uplift your mood at home during the rains.


1. Cushions

Throw in a couple of blue or green printed cushions on your sofas and chairs to add that aqua-ey touch in your home. You can mix up the printed cushions with plain block printed ones as well, to bring about a more balanced look. Not sure where to find these? Come take a look at our fabrics section :)


2. Decor pieces

Statement home decor pieces are one an effortless way to add to the color coding setup in your home. Glassware, ceramic vases, candle holders, hangings, lanterns, etc. in various shades of green and blue will definitely add some cheer to the monsoon gloom.


3. Linens

The monsoon brings with it an unusually high level of humidity. To counter that, you could color code your entire room with blue and green bed spreads and curtains which will help add an airy and soothing feel to your room.


4. Lighting

We couldn’t have left out lighting from this list now, could we? Lights in various colors (other than blue and green) could seamlessly compliment the blue and green theme in your home if done thoughtfully. That said, you could easily color code lighting pieces like floor and table lamps by simply changing their shades.


5. Furniture

Chairs and tables in bright blues and leafy greens, will never go out of vogue. Not only do they help in adding fresh color accents, but they also provide a refreshing look to the space. Invest in an up-cycled blue chair, bright mint green table, blue stool, or a cozy leafy green armchair for this purpose.


Try some of these in your home and we bet you’ll be all set to beat the gloomy weather and have more reasons to stay indoors ;)

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