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A Blank Wall, Or a Limitless Canvas?

Be it a home, an office, a store or any space whatsoever, walls form the skeleton & structure of all the spaces we inhabit. Schemes of interior design & architecture ever so often happen to not lay enough emphasis upon the visual role a wall can play in a given space. With an unexplored gamut of potential & the ability to transform a space by a great margin, walls are magical components in design that can add a whole new dimension to a space.


With this post, we share with you Tilisme, a creative initiative that works towards curating ingenious & artistic wall treatment and installation alternatives that allow walls to take the center stage in one’s spaces. The impetus behind this stream of wall treatment & embellishment has been to create art using the expanse of the walls, viewing them as a boundless canvas. Materials like brass, copper, steel, glass, aluminium, wood, fabric, cement, paper & a wide plethora of many other finishes unite to create an exclusive spectacle in your spaces, becoming a form of personal expression.

We’ve created a round-up of completed projects, where Tilisme has breathed magic into spaces using blank walls & surfaces.


The Papyrus
The Papyrus literally weaves magic into your niches with its raw & minimalistic aesthetic. The piece can be customised as per the space’s requirement & adds a palpable authentic touch to any wall with its handwoven craftsmanship.


The Slate
This installation utilizes the 5 R’s of Sustainability – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Rot. The Slate is an erasable & interactive chalk wall that can add an element of fun & function to one’s walls. Fit for kid’s play areas, schools, retail stores & even homes, this wall feature can find its place in any nook of your choice, encouraging one to have a more environmentally-sensitive approach towards their routine in ways big & small.


Revelling in the spirit of the famous kite festival of Gujarat, this wall feature witnesses the union of sheer hue & eclecticism. A range of color-soaked kites showcased in acrylic & finished off with brass trims, dot your spaces to add that verve of life & lively ambience to a space effortlessly. 

Spice Trove:
The installation was curated for the unpackaged section of an eatery. A large collection of glass jars makes for a convenient way to spruce up the look of a space while making an eco-friendly choice of recycling & reusing the jars. Guests bring their containers, fill them with various spices/grains, weigh & purchase the desired quantities & carry them away in a retail setup. The feature makes for a great addition to spaces like stores, eateries or even kitchens as design elements.

City of Lights:
This wall installation seeks inspiration from the traditional ‘Diyas’ that is synonymous with light & good fortune in our country. A wooden wall embellished with brass elements that represent the flame of lamps is a metaphorical ode to the beauty & radiance associated with the element in our culture & practices. The installation serves as a great stylistic conjunction between an old-world charm & modern-day design grammar.


What we can’t stress on enough are the unrealised artistic & creative possibilities a bare wall can harness. It’s all within your vision to view your walls as not just mere bare backdrops, but to allow wonder & imagination to take the wheel. So, the next time you are remodelling, designing or working with walls in any space, don’t be afraid to let your thoughts lead you towards creating a unique surface. With Tilisme’s range of designs that are customised, scalable, adaptable & responsive, you have the power to let your walls tell a story that is all yours!


Text By: Lavanya Chopra

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