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A Harbinger of Green


The sun bathes everything in its warmth, the windows of homes are wide open, a gentle breeze caresses the leaves & the tree canopies are abloom. The stage is set, spring has arrived! Nature & everything in its realm is in a state of transition, a phase of rejuvenation to mark the start of something new.

We celebrate the arrival of the season by shining the spotlight upon the protagonist hue of Green, which is ubiquitous in every aspect of the environment that sustains & nourishes us. With this blog post, we traverse the multifaceted role the color Green can play in one’s spaces.

The color with its every shade & tone brings a renewed energy & a sense of vitality in its environ. Its soothing & tranquil visual character renders every space with a relaxing & revitalized undertone which has proven to have a pleasant psychological effect on the human eye. 

When it comes to the spaces we inhabit, the color Green can add a unique layer of personality to the premises we stylize. The color’s presence may be established in a plethora of varying creative ways. A bold printed wallpaper, textured wall surface or subtle accentuation through décor elements, furniture, upholstery, lighting & plants go a long way in breathing the magic of the color into one’s habitat with the simplest of add-ons.

  1. Plants:

Plants are easily the most budget-friendly & refreshing addition to one’s space. They instantly bring niches to life & introduce nature into the interior palette seamlessly. Here are 4 plants that should be your top picks during your next trip to the nursery:


  • Pritchardia Palm – This variety makes for a great plant species in your rooms as it manages to grow in the presence of indirect sunlight. The Pritchardia Palm can grow up to 7 feet indoors & makes for a lovely element of green in one’s spaces.

  • Ferns – The Fern is a popular choice as an indoor plant in most homes and has a hassle-free maintenance regime as well. The plant requires only indirect sunlight for 2-3 hours a day & needs watering once in a day or two. The Fern species are known to be great air humidifiers in spaces as well.

  • Water Bamboo – This variety of Bamboo is simple to grow & demands very little attention in terms of maintenance. Often used as decorative greens indoors, this plant is widely used in the practice of Feng Shui & can be potted in water, soil & decorated with ornamental pebbles for an earthy touch.

  • Spider Plant – With its uniquely shaped leaves that layer any space with an interesting silhouette, the spider plant is known to detoxify indoor air quality from multiple airborne toxins. The plant is low on maintenance & thrives in the presence of indirect light.



  1. Willow Pendant Lamp:

This neoteric decorative element wraps up the dual function of a planter & a sleek lighting fixture effortlessly into one. The quintessential union of chic style & finesse that will add a literal freshness to your nooks. 


  1. Piper Chair:

Shades of green come together to create a dynamic interplay in the form of the piper chair that is an example of impeccable fabric rope craftsmanship & panache. The chair’s identity fits right into an intimate balcony, backyard or even an eclectic living room setting.


  1. Palme Floor Lamp:

Tropical vibes seep right into any corner of your space with the Palme Floor Lamps. Beaming with the lush hues of green, this lighting element is sure to uplift the mood in a given space with its shadow play & Bohemian persona.


  1. Printed Ottomans:

Available in a plethora of printed fabric options, these ottomans make for just the right piece to complement a quaint reading nook, dressing area or living room in your homes. The upholstery may be selected in a bold solid hue or printed alternatives that can further add onto & highlight the prevailing furniture scheme.


“Green is the prime color of the world, & that from which its loveliness arises.” 

– Pedro Calderon de la Barca

With spring enveloping the city in its splendour, we hope you will look forward to embracing the goodness of Green in your spaces as you blur the lines between the inside & the outside. Watch this space for more on your indoor & outdoor needs while we wait with bated breath to share some exciting news with all of you!


Text By: Lavanya Chopra

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