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A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Happiness is homemade.

Get rid of the soon-to-be-forgotten fads of interior decor and bring home a touch of newly baked riches. Rather than decorating your home with clichéd old sayings and big buys, incorporate some of the unheard and the untold. A contemporary rustic style has emerged of late and here are a few hints of the little things that could blend into your home and accentuate its rustic bloom.

1. Open the letter box

Contemporary home decor emphasizes on staying on top of what’s new. It isn’t easy to spot one that blends both modernity and yester art. This little wooden letter box does exactly that, and also creates a personalised aesthetic for your home. They are great for stocking up your tabloids and papers at a convenient place, making storage space look nice and artsy.

2. See through the mirror

Say sayonara to the concept that mirrors belong in your dressing room alone. While a regular square mirror does its job, this aluminium porthole with mirror is way to entice your hallway. Besides the purpose it serves, it transforms and accent the ambience of even the smallest of spaces. It is quite a clever piece to buy for creating a prettier and cozier feel.

3. Pump it up

Go unusual. Go relic. Experiment and exploit your home décor opportunities with these antique collectibles that have own tales to tell. Much loved by the millennials, this rustic hand-pump can spruce up the place in no time. With its defined rugged beauty, they are a smart and eye-catching add-on to your room.

4. Time to pack your trunks

The 70s trend is making a major comeback this year. These assorted old metal trunks in their deliberately worn out attire can make your space feel warmer and more individualized. You could tuck in anything from garments to books in these warm rusty vintage beauties, and instantly accentuate the air around them.

5. A good tray is always a good idea

These wooden  trays in simple and earthy tints work as cool space savers and help you whip up your own trend in home décor. Set them on your coffee table, on your balcony floors, just about anywhere, for some unpretentious organic warmth. Apart from their utility, these trays are a solid addition to a contemporary rusty ambience.



Your home is a true reflection of your personality. So involve in a little mix and match of wood and metal and let these little things create big moments in your home. To see the complete collection of decor accents at The Purple Turtles, visit

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