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Greenery: Bring it in your home with The Purple Turtles

Always soothing to the eyes and mind, the fresh shade of green instills an invigorating feeling to everyone. Be it the grassy carpet glistening with morning dew or the leafy plants with a lush color, green always conjures up a sense of refreshing liveliness.

All over the world, the shade green is associated with vigor and vitality. In fact, the modern lifestyle makes us long for the greenery even more and thus we indulge in eco-holidays and nature trails. Being surrounded by greenery reconnects us to nature and makes us one with it!

Owing to its versatile persona, greenery has been chosen as PANTONE Color Institute’s Color of the Year 2017. At the Purple Turtles, this revitalizing color has always been an inspiration for our creative thinkers and designers. When this shade comes together with an illuminating light, it marries elegance with charm.

The Purple Turtles Piaf Collection:
The natural greenery lends its color as well as shape to this collection. Inspired by the curvy leaves and the birds that get attracted to lush trees and plants, this collection is a combination of wall curvy, hanging lamp and quadripod stand has an organic graphic print to complement it. Made out of poplin, the interesting squeezed shape is perfect to be used as a bedside lamp.


The Purple Turtles Palme Collection:
Taking from the rejuvenating freshness of palm leaves,these variants of floor lamps, drums and dublets provide an exciting shadow play on the wall. Made of fabric and acrylic, these laser cut leaves-pattern are meant to add an instant vibrancy to the room.


The Purple Turtles Alibert Hanging Lamps Collection:
Keeping minimalism at its core, these Alibert lamps create magic with a neon green inside and simplistic design outside. It brightens up the room with a soft, comforting hue in an instant!


The Purple Turtles Thread Ball Collection:
Made with a dense network of cotton thread on a mould, these pendant lamps have a lively and playful touch with oodles of style.


The Purple Turtles Shibori Work:
The almost spherical pendant light is inspired by the sea and is made out of banana paper with shibori work on it.


The Purple Turtles Mini Desk Lamps:
These solid colored, smart desk lamps are a reminiscence of all Pixar movies ever. They appeal to every age group and are highly practical for use on every study table, home library or as a reading light by the bedside. Their adjustable design makes them an evergreen favorite, pun intended!

So bring home a piece of artistic lamp embellished with the richness and vitality of the green shade. It will light up your space and soothe your heart and mind! To see the complete collection of greenery lamps at The Purple Turtles, visit

What is the PANTONE Color of the Year? A symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.
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