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Celebrating Coral

Vibrancy, warmth & playful strains unite seamlessly to create the identity embodied by the hue ‘Living Coral’, bestowed with the title of the Pantone Color of the Year 2019. 

The color exemplifies a sense of vitality & renders spaces with undertones of visual energy. Coral as an independent color weaves together a convivial ambience in a space & generates a sense of wellbeing according to a wide range of color psychology studies.

With this Blog post, we explore a gamut of products that include coral nuances which can add that stimulated touch of exuberance & verve to your spaces with a couple of elemental additions.

Petunia Lights:

These dainty Silk Fabric Dome lights make for exclusive additions to one’s spaces in the form of pendant lights features. The pieces finished in deep coral shades adds a sense of warm luminance into any given space. The Petunia lights are the absolute epitome of impeccable craftsmanship & grace. 


Gumbad Lights:

The Gumbad lights breathe chic minimalism into the nooks they are a part of in an effortless manner. Muted metallic tones contrasted against the bright & lively hues of coral & deep saffron make for a quintessential lighting addition to a large scope of transfiguring spaces.


Rangoli Print Drum Lights:

This printed suspended lighting fixture is a cusp between modern & authentically Indian design sensibilities that emits liveliness & visual character into the spaces it is introduced into. The design details of the lighting fixture are inspired by the intricate Rangoli patterns that grace the entrances to many homes across the country. The familiarity of the artform has been entwined with a sleek ensemble of design to conjure the piece into reality.


Spun Bamboo Stool: 

This eclectic piece of furniture inculcates a zestful vibe into spaces with its vivid orange-coral base & carpentered bamboo seat top. The piece functions great as an accent element & stylistic coffee table in quaint niches of your residence or workspace.

Iron Trunks:

Distressed iron trunks available in a coral shade add a rustic, raw & antiquated panache to niches that ring in an old-world charm whilst posing as an aesthetic décor piece, concealed storage option or a seating provision of sorts.


Anar Table Runner:

This exquisite table runner amalgamates a pleasant digital Anar motif over fine Dupio silk fabric to create just the right atmosphere & aesthetic setting for all your mealtimes. The print & texture of the runner adds to the richness of the dining experience kudos to the coral base hue & Neo-Indian motifs.


Persian Dream Glass Coasters:

A set of 4 glass coasters that have been intricately embellished with ornamental & petite orange-coral floral motifs that make for a botanically inspired element in the scheme of various table setting options.

Honey Suckle Scented Bouquet Candles:

The goodness of fine aroma & an intoxicating fragrance has been amalgamated with soft coral frosted moulds that can instantly rejuvenate & revitalize any space with the custom scent & pleasant color scheme of the candles while styling a niche.


Zahara Candles:

This range of candles makes for a lovely bric-a-brac feature in spaces with their pleasing appearance that is an intriguing play of metallic tones with coral-pink hues, that is further given a handcrafted appeal with traditional Indian block print moulds as a part of the packaging.

Petals Basket:

This artistically woven petals basket reigns in floral embellishments & immaculate artisanship to create a product that serves the flexible purposes of that of a decorative gifting or attractive storage product on table tops & shelves.


The color Coral is replete with versatility & makes its way into a plethora of products at The Purple Turtles stores. We hope you’d find your perfect coral pick for the season when you next shop with us. The hue is sure to make your spaces pop with life & invigorating energy!


Text By: Lavanya Chopra

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