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Chairs for every space in your Home!

Whether it’s settling down with a favourite book in the embrace of a lounger, enjoying a delectable meal with loved ones at the dining table, or witnessing breath-taking sunsets claim the skies from one’s serene balcony, what seems to accompany each activity and remain constant is the presence of a comfortable and familiar chair in any nook of your home!
From the advent of furnishing a home, seating and in particular chairs have been fundamental elements in any abode’s design palette. They make for a versatile piece of furniture that can amalgamate functionality with aesthetics seamlessly depending on the design language and purpose of a space.
We’ve curated our most loved chair designs that could complement a variety of corners and moods of your home. Read on to find the most comfortable chairs for your homes and various spaces!
All in the Accents
The Zuri Accent Chair pairs together comfort and a multifaceted design identity with grace! A dapper designer chair in addition to one’s living spaces, a snug reading chair in one’s bedroom, or an ergonomic choice to attend virtual meetings from, this chair places paramount focus on ensuring that its user is at ease. This single-seater reigns in a rooted demeanour with its deep Ash-wood and sturdy rope framework which come together fittingly with the beige chenille upholstery.
A Modern Take
An upbeat take on classic silhouettes, the Mod Armchair entwines contemporary design with timeless style! Perfect stylish chairs for living rooms and entertaining spaces, the Mod Armchair makes for the quintessential statement chair that can engage just the right dose of eclecticism. With a framework in Neem wood and angular Indian Teakwood legs, these chairs have been finished in 100% linen while the cushion is rendered in plush velvets.
A Mid-Century Modern Affair
Our Cane Velvet Chair is an in-house favourite because of how diverse this piece of furniture is! This chair makes for a great fit in dining spaces, study nooks, or as complementary furniture in larger hosting spaces. Made from Mango wood with cane weaving across its backrest, this chair pays homage to the harmonious hybrid of Mid-Century design nuances with modern elements. The deep stain of the wood offsets the light umber tone of the cane and the hues of the selected cushion fabric.
A Seat for Two
The Gigi: Salmon Two-Seater immaculately introduces a welcome dose of colour into spaces with its chenille-upholstered surfaces. Crafted from Ashwood, this bench dons a sleek geometric profile. This two-seater can elevate one’s dining space or living area, allowing the end-user to introduce more seating space with a single suave addition. The combination of soft hues with the deep tone of the wood makes the Gigi a versatile fit in classic and neoteric design milieus.
Dash of Zest
A playful rendition of functional seating, the Elsa Metal Chair pairs the vibrant and loved combination of white and yellow with panache! Perfect for alfresco spaces like shaded balconies, sit-outs, and backyards, this chair makes for an easy-breezy seating option to channel colour and comfort! The curvaceous profile of the chair has been imagined as a wide-meshed metal framework and the rounded cushion allows one to lounge comfortably for prolonged hours.
Chairs can be introduced into spaces to add a focal element, a pop of colour and texture, or just to elevate the functionality of a certain nook! The inclusion of just one chair can elevate the design quotient by a large extent. Go ahead and curate your selection of chairs for various parts of your home, all while allowing them to become extensions of your personality!
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