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The Perfect Christmas Gifting Guide for the Holiday Season!

It’s indeed the most wonderful time of the year and the season of entertaining loved ones and gifting! Our homes are to witness the coming together of people who mean the most to us, it is time to bust out those lush wreaths, mistletoes, twinkling candles, and serve up the most delectable meals. 

Gifting during the festive season stems from a place of admiration, gratitude, and as tokens of love. If you’re yet to get thinking and shopping for your near and dear ones, we’ve got you covered. 

Read on to see what tops The Purple Turtles Wishlist these holidays as we share the perfect Christmas gift ideas for friends and family. They are curated and thoughtful pieces that can adorn your homes and special gatherings in the spirit of the season!

That Festive Warmth

Candles and their soft light are synonymous with celebrations. We’ve created a range of bespoke Pillar Candles that can be fashioned as statement additions to decor scapes or stacked together to create a cluster that exudes light and warmth! We envision these looking stunning over mantles, fireplaces, coffee table settings, across the length of festive dining tables, and even in batches in alfresco spaces like balconies and verandahs attributed to their wide variety of heights and diameters. 

Whimsical Bits and Bobs

It's barely Christmas without the beloved tree! It becomes the nucleus of all our gatherings, snug evenings, and unforgettable nights. Embellish your trees with these Handcrafted Ceramic Christmas Tree Ornaments that are sure to reign in that desired touch of colour and artisanship to your decor! These minimal ornaments are bathed in a gorgeous duo of warm teal and deep blue, a timeless combination after our own hearts! 

Curios of Beauty 

With its geode-like untainted and raw look, the Semi-Precious Quartz Tea Light Candle Holders make for idyllic gifts for loved ones and even as additions to your own home! The brilliant ombre blue pairs delicately with the gold-finished rim of the holders and adds that perfect dose of sparkle and grandeur to curated corners, coffee tables, accent tables, or dining table spreads.

Raising a Toast

The Granite Drink Dispenser is an abstract object to own and a sure-shot conversation starter! The granite body of the beverage dispenser dons a chiselled persona that is rugged and suave in equal doses. You can enjoy your spirits in true-blue geological style and serve your guests with unmatched flair! 

Serve it in Style

Salads are a popular addition to the menus at almost any gathering and guests love them! We are swooning over the Bello Salad Servers for their contemporary design and functionality. The salad servers are made in acacia wood and enamel and come as a dynamic duo with elongated arms for ergonomic comfort. These pieces pair wonderfully with a neutral pared-down table setting and also with festive spreads

Raise a toast to Panache

The Champagne Cooler crafted from white marble is a beloved muse in this shopping guide! Pieced together with unmatched perfection, the inherent cooling properties of the natural stone allow the beverages to be kept at a uniform desired temperature without the use of ice. The elegance of white marble makes this piece a stated addition to your table setting, entertaining nooks, or by the bar. 

Mark the arrival of good tidings and the sheer joy of the holiday season by finding and sharing objects of beauty and versatility! Let this time of the year be a reminder of the fact that there is truly no place like home! It’s the small yet significant joys that count the utmost and attention to detail makes the gesture even more special.

We wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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