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Classic Blue

 Classic Blue has always been there, around us, being loved by most of us and in use in clothing, objects and everywhere else. Classic Blue has been quoted by Pantone as, “Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”

The rich dark hue also symbolises regality and elegance with aplomb. Classic Blue isn’t bright and vibrant as Turquoise or Cerulean Blue. Rather its solid dark tone gives it the stability that the lighter ones don’t possess. It’s a colour that can be paired nonchalantly with most of the brighter shades. Classic Blue is an absorbing solid colour that also has a certain vintage appeal to it. At the same time, when smartly paired with other shades it renders an effortless chic look. 


Here are some interesting ways to include this hue in your space to up the style quotient. 


Make a Bold Statement With Classic Blue


Incorporating this shade on a large piece of furniture is an effortless way to make a style statement. A plush sofa or an accent chair or even an accent wall in the living room in this colour can do wonders. The rich feel of the colour along with the dark hue lends a confident look that can be further complemented with warm toned accessories. 

Soft furnishings such as cushions and rugs in neutral tones add to the elegance rendered by a Classic Blue furniture. Cushion covers in pleasant floral designs are sure to enhance the aesthetic appeal. Decor accents with earthy tones from wood, rattan or jute can further add to the magic. For instance, the natural brown tone of a rug made from jute is sure to lend a cozy feel to the space.


The mellow tone of a wooden display rack lends an enticing contrast to Classic Blue accent wall. You could place plants, books and curios for a cool contemporary look. Alternately, a table made from reclaimed railway wood is sure to complement the look. 


For an eclectic and chic look in your entertainment space, you could pair the Fuse Bar Counter with bar stools or chairs in Classic Blue. The pop of sunrise orange is sure to lend a bright contrast to the dark toned furniture.



Explore the Elegance of Classic Blue in Lighting

Pendant and wall lighting in Classic Blue is set to be the cynosure of your living or dining space. A decor accent during the day, the feature turns into a lighting hero after dusk. Here are some of the designs that you could consider - 


The Illuminate Relic Pendant Lamp is inspired by the changing tones of daylight reflected on the sky. Ideal for a soothing lighting feature in your living or dining space. 


The Twill Pendant Lamp handcrafted from feather cement, with a teak finish top is sure to diffuse an enchanting glow in your urban corner. 


The Ida Pendant Lamp has the clear tones of the day sky represented on the handcrafted feather cement form. 


The Onyx Pendant Lamp captures the tones of a sunless sky to lend an air of artistry to your urban space.


The ‘Shibori’ printed wall lamp is an artistic rendition of geometric cityscapes. A chic addition for your contemporary abode.


The Azure Pendant Lamp replicates the tones of the day sky through marbling on the feather cement form.


The Serenity Table Lamp is handmade from banana fibre paper and hand dyed in ‘shibori’ technique. Apt to lend a calming feel to your bedside table.



Classic Blue As Decor Accent

For those who are weary of including this rich dark shade in their interior decor, going small might prove better. Including this color in smaller decor accents such as rugs, vases, photo frames etc. is the perfect way to warm up to this color. There are several ways for this, such as - 


Ceramic tableware with tones of Classic Blue in the glaze or as a motif design lend a cool aesthetic appeal. For instance, plates, bowls, mugs etc. with dragonfly and palm tree motifs exude a surreal feel. Embellished with specks of colours in tranquil blue, you will surely savour your favourite beverage in this mug. A playful ceramic bowl is a good reminder to take a break from hectic schedules. Bowls and serve ware made from bamboo are an ideal way to introduce rustic elements in our contemporary living.  


Soft furnishings in Classic Blue such as a woollen rug with floral embroidered patches is sure to lend a quaint charm to your living space. Complement the look with cushion covers in this hue that are perfect to create an artistic chic look.


Include planters in this dark hue to embrace your plants in style. Such planters are available in different forms and are made of wide variety of materials. Such as fabric planter, cement planter as well as planters weaved from moonj grass.  


Curios are great to lend an interesting touch to the space in small bursts of Classic Blue. You could explore ceramic wind chimes that are inspired by the mystic marine life forms as well as sculpted miniatures such as a turtle that can be used as a fun decor accent or as a functional paperweight. Knobs in this rich solid tone lend a subtle glam touch to your cabinets. Hanging decor for the festive season such as a star in this hue is sure to lend a unique appeal. Furthermore, you could accentuate the festive decor with lanterns and t-light holders in metal and glass with antique gold or silver finish.


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