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'Tis The Season Of Celebration

The season of merriment and gifting is upon us! Soon there will be extended family feasts on weekends, elaborate lunches with friends and exchanging of gifts. Several amongst us would have their homes ready by now to host parties. But if you are not one of them, and are searching for elegant decor and gifting options, this blog might come in handy just in time. 

So without further delay, we present to you the classic, all-time-favourite options that are befitting for your festive home decor as well as gifts for your loved ones.


First Things First

Christmas decor begins with the Christmas tree and you guessed it right, the ornaments. Take your pick from these attractive pieces - star pendants in metal and glass, baubles painted in vibrant colours, as well as rendered in shiny metal, and bells made in brass for an ethnic touch. Also there are fairy lights to lend the final glorious touch to the Christmas tree decor. The best feature of these ornaments is that they are made of metal and glass, elements that make them long-lasting, and designs that are time-tested. 


Quintessential Lanterns

To enliven the decor in a warm glow you’ll definitely need one of these lanterns. The ethereal glass lanterns never fail to create an enticing ambience. These lanterns are available in various shapes ranging from traditional star forms to contemporary silhouettes. 


Candles Galore 

Christmas decor isn’t complete without candles. They are ideal to create a festive aura and lend a subtle alluring fragrance in the air. Explore the range of handcrafted scented candles made from soy wax and exotic blends of aroma. From the scent of traditional Rajnigandha, Jasmine and Lavender to contemporary mixes of citrus, marsala and musk, there’s a lot to choose from. To further enhance the tranquil decor, you could also include plain elegant candles, both natural and LED versions.  

Candle stands or t-light holders also play an important role in completing the look. Select your favourite from a range of classic and festive glass designs or carved metal holders. There’s one particular candle holder that’s sure to get your attention - the vase-cum-candle stand! Yes, you read it right. It’s a vase made of clear glass and when turned upside down, it turns into a quaint candle holder. 


Framing Memories For A Lifetime

Festive season is the right time to capture the joy of togetherness and belonging! Special memories call for special frames, such as these classically elegant glass and metal frames. 


Cozy Furnishings

Christmas gatherings call for a congenial seating arrangement that’s not only ample but also comfortable. Ensure to include vibrant soft furnishings that brighten up the decor and create an enticing ambience. Browse through a wide collection of rugs and cushions in cotton with elaborate designs as well as chic patterns. 


Handcrafted Elegance  

Serving traditional delicacies in handmade crockery accentuates the festive feel. Explore the range of ceramic serve-ware with contemporary design motifs. Platters, plates, bowls, mugs and others churned out of clay are elegant companions that yield a memorable dining experience. 



Festive Garden Decor

Include the outdoors in the festivities by updating old planters with rustic brass and chic aluminium pots to give your plants a festive glam look. Pair the glam of the pots with metal watering cans that enhance the garden style quotient effortlessly. Lastly, complement sleek outdoor furniture with lanterns to complete the celebratory ambience.


Do visit our stores to check out the Christmas Decor. Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year!

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