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Color Me Happy!

Still reveling in the exuberance of Holi? The festival of colors brings an effervescence reflected by the arrival of spring after a chilly optimism fueled by the symbolic triumph of everything good and positive...

Engulfing one in a riot of colours, spilling onto the streets with gaiety and playfulness...Holi reminds us how important it is to view the world through a kaleidoscope of color!

Soaking in the spirit of the festival of colors, here are some picks for fun uses of color, as we go about our quest for color inspiration in everyday life!


We think a splash of color always brightens up a day! Any interesting picks for color inspiration which caught your eye? Let us know via comments.


  - Written by Namratha Jagadish for The Purple Turtles.


Image Sources:  (From In order of appearance – top to bottom)  (Pinterest)   (Pinterest)  (Pinterest)   (Pinterest)  (Pinterest)  (Pinterest)   (Pinterest)  (Pinterest)   (Pinterest)  (Pinterest - Incense Sticks in Hue – Vietnam, Photo by Bertrand Linet)    (Pinterest)   (Pinterest)   (Pinterest)  (Pinterest)

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