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Cork It!

When you image search the word ‘cork,’ as one usually does, what pops up is pictures of bottle stoppers and insulation, and also a lovely little city on the Southwest coast of Ireland. A bonus find for me, before I corrected my typo, were these stunning lighting décor solutions. Clueless as to the versatility of this material, I used to think cork was just for my high school pinboard and to keep my wine fresh.


In truth, cork is lightweight and water resistant which makes it resilient to rot and moisture. It’s also a natural insulator and has very low heat conductivity. To all this, throw in some innovative design and you have the Uncork collection of lamps that are functional along with being aesthetically pleasing. These unconventional pieces make for striking additions to any home. Talk piece, anyone?

A personal favourite for that modern yet rustic feel, take this box light. With a natural colour that doesn’t fade, this mixed cork piece could make a real statement installed above your dining area or even above the bar.


The laser cutting on this tube lamp casts peek-a-boo shadows on the walls, making for a textured, inviting space.


The overlap lamp (Try saying that five times, real fast!) with its rubberized cork is a non-fussy way to give your room a comforting glow.


These styles are also great if you care about that little thing, the environment. The cork lights are eco-friendly as it is only the outer bark of the cork tree that is harvested. The tree itself is never cut down and regenerates the bark every nine years. All materials used for making the lighting are either recyclable or have been made from up cycling materials. Can you feel that carbon footprint lighten?

Whatever your desire, be it a funky table lamp,


a stitched drum light,


or the Berg lamp


with its dark finish teak wood top, this collection will meet your needs and then some.

So, let’s pop the champagne and raise a toast to a sustainable, modern take on a natural material with timeless appeal.

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