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6 Ultimate Christmas Party Essentials

It’s come that time of year, and you’ll probably have to attend at least   one awkward holiday party this festive season. You know the ones;  formal, polite, boring! The only thing worse than being at the sad  Christmas party is to be the one hosting the sad Christmas party.

Don’t sweat it, though! We’ve rounded up six party planning  essentials to ensure that your Christmas shindig is a raging success  right up until it’s shut down by the cops in the wee morning hours.


1. The Tree:Set the tone center stage with a brightly lit, well ornamented tree. Ornament options are endless; classic beaded snowflakes on white ribbons, candy canes and popcorn strings, paisley print elephants for an indie touch, or even glazed ceramic pieces (Purchase instore). This is also a great spot for your nativity scene. If you’re the kind to go all out, try some nontoxic Insta-Snow sprinkled around the tree and in the windows. (Just don’t call us for cleanup!)

2. Deck The Halls: Keep décor simple and bright by choosing runners and napkins in accents of red, green, and white. Mistletoe under the doorways is a cheeky, fun addition. If you go with a synthetic tree, woodsy pine scented candles in our gilded candleholders could make up any loss.


3. Game, Set, Match: Whether your party is more active (Candy cane hunt! Secret Santa!) or are in a cozier mood (Jenga! Wrap Battle! Board games!) keep a few simple stocking stuffers handy to help loosen up your crew.



4. Eat: Unless it’s a sit-down dinner, plan a non-fussy menu that won’t require reheating through the evening. Cheese platters and canapes can go a long way.

There’s nothing like a good sugar rush to keep the party going—bring on the rose cookies and kalkal. Santa wouldn’t judge a store bought plum cake, so don’t forget his plate!

5. Drink: If you can’t get in the Christmas spirit without some Christmas spirit, try your hand at making some warm mulled wine with oranges and spices. Pop any extra wine in a bottle for great homemade gifting!

6. Make Merry: Once the drinks have warmed both belly and soul, it’s a good time to bring out the guitar or gather by the piano for singalong carols. For the gun shy, there’s liquid courage and peer pressure. In any case, it’s a well-known fact that you cannot have a bad time while belting out Jingle Bell Rock!





If your music is stored on your phone, remember to charge the good speakers and cue up your Christmas playlist. Here’s one we like!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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