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Handpicked Chandeliers For Your Home

Just like a stunning piece of jewellery, chandeliers illuminate the décor of homes adding that extra element of luxury and elegance to it. The versatility of this visual centre piece lends itself beyond living rooms – think foyers, staircases, kitchens, dining room, a study or even your child’s bedroom. These multifaceted pieces of lighting can uplift the dynamics and style quotient of any space and be the primary source of light too! What’s more, chandeliers today are designed in varied, eclectic styles for you to experiment with as well. The market today caters as much to minimalist, contemporary tastes as it does to traditional sensibilities giving you an array of options to stylize your home with. From mainstay materials like polished brass, wrought iron or glass, chandeliers nowadays are also made with unconventional materials like wood or natural fibres to make your surroundings more interesting.
Expect the unexpected as you choose a chandelier because if a whimsical, quirky or bohemian styling catches your eye you may also find yourself drawn to a vintage, mid-century stunner sitting right beside it. Brace yourself to be spoilt with choices – choosing a chandelier to blend with your interiors is going to be a well-thought out decision you’ll be making. To make your life simpler, we have listed out five of our favourites. Read on.


Hiro Chandelier

Do you like to rock the inner desi in you? If your home has Jaipuri furnishings, old trunks as table tops, and earthen pottery as accessories, then this lighting accessory is what’s missing from your home décor.
Pick this woody textured and intricately designed chandelier that blends rustic charm with contemporary appeal as a centre-piece or hang it in pairs. Bulbs on old-fashioned candle-stands add an artistic glow to your living room. Who wouldn’t want to go back to a scene from Mughal-e-Azam? Now if this is not enough then what is?


Iris Garden
If you believe you’re an antiquarian inside out, just like me, then this one’s a unique choice. Handcrafted with design inspired by the garden flower Iris, this chandelier offers a classic European experience to your living room. A bouquet of well-modelled flowers adorned with metal crystals and lightbulbs, inspired by a palace garden, dazzle from every angle. Now you didn’t think grandeur was only for queens, did you? Well think again because this magnificent piece is definitely going to be the focal point of your living room – And so are you! Some of us just like to
stay stuck in another era, don’t we?


Pretty Petunia
Why should your living room have all the fun? Your study, foyer, kitchcen or dining room needs as much panache! This floral-shaped brass chandelier is a clean and simple design that makes a statement without doing much. It is ideal for home décor that’s chic and fashionable – we’re talking sleek tables, solid wall colours, leather sofas, and wooden flooring – you get the drift, don’t you? Hang this up for a lasting, finishing touch. Trust me, this should be your choice without a shadow of doubt!

Coco Chandelier
If you’re enchanted by the depths of a night forest then your heart will go out to this masterpiece from our collection. Glowing floral-shaped banana fibre cups stand gracefully on a light copper structure like foliage on a woody bark. Its translucent bulb holders give out soft, comfortable lighting that will engulf you like the magic of a moonlit night. No guesses where you should install our Coco Chandelier Pendant Lamp then isn’t it? Yes, you guessed right - your bedroom! Can you feel the love


City Birds
Is your home chic and contemporary? Is your décor more about clean lines and classy Asian touches? If the answer is yes, then this minimalistic installation made from waste banana fibre and perforated brass sheet is for you. City Birds, as the name suggests, draws inspiration from the vast expanse of sky, clean lines of skyscrapers, soaring birds and the motion of fireflies at night. Placed above your
dining table, in your bedroom or even the living room this chandelier makes a simple, eloquent statement. And if you are enamoured by warm mood lighting this one’s perfect to stimulate your senses.

Don’t just sit here, get up and pick up one of Purple Turtle’s out-of-the ordinary chandeliers for your home and become the neighbours envy instantly!


Written by Shonali Advani

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