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New Year, New Me-rchandise!



2018 is here to stay, and having given myself a few weeks to let the dust settle on last year, I feel charged to take on the new year resolutions I so ambitiously penned down on Dec 31st. Surprisingly, I found a few simple ways to combine most of my resolutions and get started in a positive direction. But more on that a bit later!

For what it’s worth, here are my top five resolutions, in no particular order:

  • Spend more time outdoors. (Or at least disable your Swiggy and Netflix.)
  • Be healthy and de-stress often. (No more wasted gym memberships in 2018!)
  • Make more time for family. (Where we aren’t sitting around the TV on our devices.)
  • Read at least one book a month. (Chetan Bhagat doesn’t count!)
  • Turn your house into a home. (No more pretending to be sick to avoid entertaining.)


These may seem like big ones to tackle, but I found the amalgamate of all my new goals in … an outdoor garden space. Now hear me out! Without bringing up failed years past, I wanted to get started on my new year resolutions, in some small way, to keep from losing steam before we even hit March. The great outdoors seemed to aid in this effort, so I’m determined to create a cozy alfresco area in my home, where I can step out each day for a change of pace, some greenery, and fresh air (or what we can get of it in the city!).





Succulents are basically low maintenance starter plants, which make them harder to kill, which make them A-OK in my books. As can be imagined,
I’m pretty into these delicate hanging terrariums and house number plate planters. I even got a jar terrarium for my writing table!  




I’ll be home proud and happy as long as the space can fit a colorful swing chair on one side for all the heavy reading and relaxing I’ll be doing this year. Maybe even a yoga mat to work on that “Get Healthy” check, and a couple of these cement planters in contrasting colors, with natural leaves painted onto them. 



I’m also considering a wooden bench with ethnic cutouts to compliment the larger planters. The smaller sized planters, with some chairs set about, could be great on the balcony for tea with the family.




How about these nature-inspired wall hangings of birds and cages to make the outdoor space more inviting? I also loved the wire birds and mushrooms to either hang up or set on the floor, in any dark corners.

These botanical themed outdoor lights would also do the trick nicely! As far as outdoor lighting goes, Purple Turtles offers a whole range of metal, wood, and glass lanterns to persuade the undecided.

Here’s hoping that these minor renovations allow for more moments of calm, to stop and smell the metaphorical roses in the year to come.

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