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How to build an awesome room for your kid!

How to build an awesome room for your kid!

Everything changes after you have kids, including your home. A couple needs to re-look at many aspects of their home and baby proof them. More importantly, it’s becoming increasingly important to create a space for a child that’s conducive to his/her overall development and growth.

Here are some tips on how you can go about building an awesome room for your kid.

1. Colours

For children, their room is their world. We suggest doing more neutral colours, but with accents that are colourful. So you may have a room that’s grey, but the accents are pink, purple or yellow. It’s advisable not to go too bright on the rooms as the toys are colourful.


2. Electricals

Kids can be very inquisitive and tend to touch or bite things around them. So make sure the electrical plug points and wires are not broken or exposed. Ensure that you go in for safety sockets so that kids cannot push their pencils or toys into them. All the electrical products need to be RoHs standard (which ensures heavy metals are not above the standard limit) compliant.


3. Make the furniture long lasting

Focus on longevity of the furniture used in the room so that the room grows with the child. Try getting convertible and multi-functional furniture pieces – for example, beds that can be turned into storage cabinets or seating, study tables that can be folded easily and hidden when not in use, moveable bedside tables on wheels which can be shifted around easily while restructuring the room when they grow older.


4. Choose the right theme

Choosing a theme based on the interest of the child is important. If the child is into a particular type of sport, filling the room with sport-related decorations is a pretty good start – like a basketball hoop headboard for the bed. The space needs to be planned in such a way that the child has a lot of scope to constantly add new things to the space. If a child is into a sport, instead of making everything football-inspired, use posters, carpets and other accents that can liven up the space. So that if the kid does find a new interest, it is easy to work with the space.


5. Choosing the right location

Natural light and fresh air are those elements of the nature which bring freshness, health and happiness along with them. So ensure that the room you choose has all these elements in ample quantity.


6. Involve the child 

Make sure you share your plan with your kid for opinions on what he/she likes and doesn’t like. The decor of the room should be driven by his/her interests rather than anything else. You could experiment and change the interiors often, so that the child feels comfortable. You could also add elements like colourful decor items when they’re infants; in the early teens you could add in some inspiring quotes from inspiring personalities; when they’re in middle school, you could add a small library with books. These little things make a big impact on the development of their personality.


7. Safety matters

Another important factor you need to take care of is that the building materials you use while setting up the room need to be baby proof. For example, the paints you use should have minimal chemical ingredients or the wood used for building the cots and beds should not have nails sticking out in any corner. Environmentally-friendly and sustainable solutions such as water-based paint solutions that emit close to no emission and recyclable wood are the best bets.

Make sure there are no sharp edges on the bed, study table and wardrobe. Also ensure that the room has at least one ventilation opening for fresh clean air. The windows should either be placed relatively higher or should be well protected with a properly-fitted grill.



That’s all the tips we have folks. But wait! Here are some lovely inspirations for you to take cues from while designing the perfect room for your kid.







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