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There may be an impact on delivery timelines. Orders will be dispatched as per each cities regulations.

The Easy-Breezy Summer Time Décor Palette

The Sun’s out & all is bright! Summertime has truly graced us with its presence & we’ve whipped up a collection of some exclusive summer-themed products & décor ideas for your cozy nooks.

The weather calls for some time-off, a chance to really kick back, relax & rejuvenate. In terms of décor ideas & trends, one must focus on letting spaces be fun, airy, bright & simple. It’s the perfect time to indulge in your hobbies & to make way for all things new!

This time we’ve worked around creating nooks & curating ideas that are the epitome of fine summer living, in which you can lay back & really soak in the summertime vivacity! We bring to you a few ideas for related to décor, furniture & stylized nooks that will brace your homes stylistically for the season.


For starters, let’s have a look at this little setup right here that is the sheer embodiment of colour, vibrancy & just the right elements to celebrate the arrival of the season. The Blue Bench made from Teakwood & finished in a beautiful sky-blue distressed look, has a charm of its own. Perfect to echo the summer vibes, the piece looks like it belongs in a dreamy beachside home by the ocean! Nothing spells colourful & quirky like these Tasselled Handloom Cotton Cushion Covers. These bright hued tassels of various shades give the covers an added texture & interesting silhouette, bringing in a pop of exuberance. This could be a great pick for your neutral shade sofas, chairs, beds or even to layer floor dhurries. Colours, textures & just having fun with these two elements give the space a whole new refreshed identity. 


For summer inspiration indoors, we’ve chosen to work with a comfy & bohemian-chic inspired reading nook for you to lay back in & enjoy a good read on a long balmy afternoon. The setup is an amalgamation of products that come together to curate the perfect spot that’s got a great style quotient & functionality. The Niddy Chair seamlessly brings together a dainty aesthetic print with a bold presence in any space. Its low back, cushioned seat & Sheesham wood legs make it the right fit for one to lounge in while catching up on some downtime. The Tessellation Coffee Tables & Niddy Chair are a great pair in the reading corner. The geometric pattern work on the surface lends the piece a facet of visual interest, further building on the character of the space. The Teakwood table is a good choice as a unit upon which one can keep books, light fixtures & knick-knacks while using the reading space. Finished off in a matte black hue, the Ebony Crane Table Lamp makes for a stark piece in the reading corner, adding gravitas to the serene arrangement. Introduce a few planters to give the nook a naturally fresh look & we’re set! 

Furthermore, keep an eye out for a few more products that we love & that we believe could add the summer-tropical goodness to any nook you would want to bring to life. 


Timberland Vase

The Timberland Vase is an interesting nature inspired décor option in a variety of niches, be it a table top in living spaces or even a corner in your sit out. With its bark inspired base & curvilinear glass vase body, the piece can also be used as a planter or terrarium of sorts to add a zing of green in a miniature dose to a space.


Baarique Plates

Crafted by metal smiths & embellished with hand painted art work, plates from the house of Baarique have a wide range of brass tableware that amalgamates the age-old science of Ayurveda with raw beauty & luxury. The pieces are created with a consciousness towards sustainability, healthy living & functional art. One can utilize them as crockery pieces or even innovatively as wall installations, each piece has a unique story to tell.


Tara Ceramic Plates

Available in a range of colours, the Tara stoneware ceramic plates are just the pieces one needs to take dining in style a notch higher. The colours enliven the crockery scheme & are perfect for those summer get-togethers. What’s more? They are microwave & oven safe too!


This summer, set your minds free & really go at it when it comes to designing or revamping spaces in your home. Its all about breathing life into spaces with the smallest of changes or add-ons that can make the biggest of differences. Let your home evolve with the seasons & be a reflection of your very own summertime design vibe!


Text By: Lavanya Chopra



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