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Home Decor for the Festive Season

Decorating your home for the festive season can brighten up your space and set the mood for festivities. You don’t need a big budget or a team to help you decorate your space! You know your space better, you know what brings happiness to you and your family. So go ahead, visualise and create. But before that you might just want to take a look at our suggestions here that could spark a design idea in your head. Let’s get started then!


Make a grand entrance

Give the foyer or entryway at your home the festive glam touch with a mix of traditional and contemporary decor accents. Get a new ‘toran’ for the entrance door, you could choose from rustic or modern artistic design using recycled paper flowers. A ceramic or brass ‘urli’ with floating flowers and candles never misses to set the festive scene right. Rangoli in bright coloured powders or petals further enhance the feel of the space. Decor your console table with scented candles in brass or glass tea-light holders. To enhance the traditional vibe, place a terracotta sculpture in the passage and pair it with few diyas. 



Warm and comfy seating 

Rearrange the furniture in your living space to make it cozy and comfortable for the family and friends to mingle. You could either replace your furniture or refurbish your furniture by changing the upholstery of the sofa or brighten up the existing sofa by pairing it with new and vibrant coloured cushion covers. Place a soft rug and floor cushions to let your guests feel more comfortable. Place few tea-light holders on the centre or coffee table but do ensure to leave some space so that you could place appetisers and beverages within close reach for your guests. To give your lighting a festive touch, you could update your pendant or floor lamps with the latest designs or the ones that are made from natural sustainable materials. You could further complement the lighting with soft rice lights in various festive designs. Place them as a string of lights floating elegantly over the furniture or huddle them up in a mason jar and let them leave a magical spell. 


Let your walls join in the festivities too

Why should the walls be left behind? Decor the walls with a fresh coat of paint that complements the interior or you could choose from a wide range of wall mounted accents. These accents vary from artistic and abstract to rustic and traditional. These could be made of wood, ceramic, glass, metal or a combination of these. Choose one that lends an aesthetic touch to the existing decor.

Serve in style 

No festive celebration is ever complete without traditional delicacies being served on exquisite crockery. You could choose from a traditional collection comprising of copper, brass and glass tableware or handmade ceramic dinner set with contemporary design motifs. Pair your dinnerware with contrasting elements and textures such as a wooden rustic tray in distressed finish. If you are feeling more stylish, you could get a serving trolley in wood and metal to serve appetizers and beverages with panache. Updating the dinner table decor with festive furnishings is also a great way to enhance the dining experience. Choose from a range of table runners, placemats, dinner napkins in traditional and contemporary designs to tie in the festive feel. 

Festivities outside the four walls

Spreading the festive aura on to the outdoors is sure to brighten up the space around your home too! Whether you have a Juliet balcony or a bigger one, or a backyard, a terrace garden, no matter the quantum of space, you could still turn it festive with lighting and decor. String of rice/fairy lights work best in creating a lively setting and so do the moroccan floor or hanging lanterns in coloured glass or carved metal designs. Replace the old planters with brass ones to give your plants a festive glam look. Add to the festivities with subtle sounds from the ceramic wind chimes. Depending on the space, include sleek outdoor furniture or a soft rug with floor cushions to offer a comfortable seating for your group.


These tips are a handful lot but they’ll definitely help you get your home festive ready! Do share your tips and pictures of your festive home decor with us too. 

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