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The Spring-Summer Styling Update

The Indian subcontinent’s summer is synonymous with a vibrant persona across the nation. The interplay and omnipresence of colour and patterns are witnessed in the hues of nature that permeate our homes, marking the transition of spring into summer. 

We’re sharing with you the most loved pieces from The Purple Turtles inventory that echo the sublimity of the season. The curated listicle focuses on simple yet significant styling additions to one’s abodes, which will imbue spaces within with a renewed lease of life!

Summer-Smitten Seating

Immersed in a sprightly mustard-ochre colour, the Clara Armchair is an ode to the rich hues of spring and summer! The chair’s mildly rounded silhouette rests atop polished teakwood legs, ensuring a sumptuous and comfortable seat that can brighten up virtually any corner. The intricate monotone floral print juxtaposes against the solid mustard base, creating a focal addition to whimsical reading corners or quaint lounging spots.

Cultural Curios

While exploring styling options within spaces, it is almost imperative to create focal vignettes. Quirkiness and surrealist pieces are an ever-popular genre! Envision a unique nook and layer it with pieces that hint at the elements of Indian craft and heritage. The Peacock Mango Wood Statue is one such object of art, creating an assured conversation-starter in any nook!


Unwinding With Panache

The Gilbert Block Printed Pouffe makes for a fitting addition to spaces inspired by the spirit of summer! Perfect for unwinding and to lounge, pouffes make for ingenious additional seating while hosting as well. Rendered in colourful hues and patterns, these pose as playful and pragmatic additions to living and entertaining spaces created in breathable cottons.



Illuminating Tropical Inspiration

Reaping inspiration from the lush landscapes that come alive in the tropical summers, the Amazonia Lampshade boasts a robust print adorned with silhouettes of monstera and palm leaves. The cotton lampshade unites contrasting colours and nature-inspired imagery, lending a touch of edge to the lighting decor of spaces and corners that seek playful character. 


The Glassmith’s Offerings

The handcrafted range of Glass Vases presents a homage to impeccable craftsmanship while colour becomes the undeniable frontrunner! Doused in a palette of hues reminiscent of the season, this bespoke collection of glassware manifests as sculptural vases, bowls, and urns that carry brilliant scarlet and amber tints paired with textural nuances.





Artisanal Tableware 

Reminiscent of the timeless history and a minimalist interpretation of royalty, the Spring In Udaipur duo of mugs and a tray are an indulgent take on tableware. Made from supreme quality porcelain and 24-carat gold, the set marries the gilded accents with colours of mint and white, making for a fresh summer-inspired palette! The floral motifs on the tableware recall impeccable artistry hailing from the ‘City of Lakes’ and Rajasthan. 

As we witness spring give way to summer, our homes too draw in a fresh breath of air, ready to be spruced up with elements of colour, patterns, and textures. Borrow inspiration from eras bygone or explore modern sensibilities, layering spaces with a few yet unmissable reminders of summer that is here to stay!

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