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Spaces Enchanted by History

A Medley of Objects and Decor inspired by Timelessness

Objects, furniture, and curios assume a pivotal emotional identity in our spaces. Each addition is far removed from being strictly ornamental in its purpose. Instead, it tells a story of the space's ethos, history, and sentiment by tugging at strings of nostalgia and tracing roots that we feel tethered to.

We’ve enlisted some of our curatorial favourites this month, delving into the embrace of history and tradition. Enchanted by eras bygone and artefacts held still in the tides of time, explore a bevy of handpicked objects that layer your cherished spaces, nooks, and quaint niches with a tale of its own! 

Portraits of Grandeur

Washed in an interplay of monochromes and warm sepia tones, select from a plethora of wall decor frames that depict the royalty of India over decades of our rich history. Framed in wood and clear glass, the Portraits of the Maharajas pose as elite forms of art in versatile spaces encompassing living room nooks, home libraries, and private studies. This range effortlessly melds the sentiment of the past and moulds it sensitively to complement modern dwellings.

Vignettes of Opulence

Founded under the patronage of royalty presiding over Thanjavur in the 1600s, Tanjore Painting is now a renowned form of illustration cherished the world over! Embossed illustrations were embellished with gold leafing, lending the artwork a perennial lustre and stated grandeur. Discover our range of wood-framed Tanjore Art Frames that depict various deities and scenes from mythology in a vivid light, making for treasured pieces in one’s collection of art or in sanctuaries of prayer. 


Rooted in Tradition  

Tracing the course of heritage and impeccable craftsmanship, the Prabhavali is a treasured design artefact that celebrates the disciplines of architecture and craft with grace. The arch-like bronze structure was initially conceptualised to surround the backdrop against which deity idols were placed in temples or home shrines. Prabhavali structures characteristically consist of an ornate centre and two supporting decorative columns. The same can be used to also embellish walls artistically in the form of sculptural installations. Attributed to the handmade nature of the Prabhavali Arches, each piece is unique in its make.

Umber Goodness  

Wood in its many forms has an undeniable omnipresence in furniture design over centuries throughout the subcontinent. The collection of Wooden Consoles displays delicately etched intricate designs that epitomise flair and simplicity all at once! Preserved in their natural hue, texture, and even some distressed wood options, the consoles can ground spaces like living rooms, roomy foyers, passageways, and bedrooms with character. 

A Burnished Affair 

Our collection of Pendant Lamps makes for a whimsical choice of luminaires in a multitude of spaces. The lights reap inspiration from the traditional brass and bronze bells that have adorned architecture and integrally vital cultural spaces through the pages of history. Seasoned with intentional imperfections, the assorted pendant lamps bring forth a traditional allure into designed environments. 

Our homes are eventually an honest reflection of our roots, traditions, and a visual narrative of where we belong. Indulge in creating an ambience that wholly celebrates the past, or discover the appeal of bringing a few yet impactful pieces into spaces to lend them a new lease of life with The Purple Turtles!

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