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4 strikingly simple additions that will make your house winter ready

Winters with their dipping temperatures conjure up images of foggy mornings, lazy evenings and thoughts of snuggling up with steaming hot cups of cocoa. It also marks the perfect time to make a few changes. Obviously, we are not talking complete overhaul but simple and inexpensive additions that make absolute sense within the four walls of your home.

1. Quilts - Waking up to Bright and Happy Mornings
A great morning usually sets the stage for an exciting and fruitful day, at work or play. Wake up to those chilly temperatures snuggled up in a comfortable and cozy quilt that keeps you happily warm throughout the night. Swap your regular bedspreads with jazzy patchwork quilts in sunny yellow and green hues. Great colors are said to more often change your mood and even charge up the atmosphere quite easily. If there is a kid’s room down the hallway, there are delightfully crafted fruity versions and whimsical cartoon prints that might even creatively kick-start their young minds.

2. Sofas - An Afternoon Delight for Work and Play
Winter afternoons present a relaxed ambience making it easy to lean back over the sofa while you check up on your emails or relax over the latest thriller. Sofas are a must-have addition to any home. If you have been planning to splurge on a new one, the time to do that would be now. Whether you are looking for a one, two or a three seater, an arm chair or a Maharaja styled sofa there are some awesome picks available in fun quirky designs and colors to match your home and mood every time.

3. Cushions – Inspiring Casual Evenings with Close Friends
Make your evenings a relaxed affair with a gathering of friends and family discussing and debating over hot cups of tea and surrounded by a smattering of cushions to complement the setting. You can never have too many of these. Throw them against lounge chairs, stack them over the sofa or simply place larger ones on the floor to relax on; to create the perfect way to enjoy the dipping temperatures. One of the best things about cushions is that you can choose décor-matching elegantly embroidered ones or try out contrasting effects with funky pompom cushions, to come up with some pretty exciting end results.

4. Lamps and Bulbs - Light up Your Nights
Lighting up your personal space means more than just giving proper illumination to the area. There are quite a few tricks you can use to achieve elegance with table lamps and lights, placed just right. Choose from fabric covered lamps to metallic ones, from decorative shades to bolder choices that will jazz up your living room or the terrace. You can even hang differently sized Edison bulbs over your blossoming primroses or snapdragons as you wind-up for the night.

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