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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

When it comes to decorating your home, a mirror can be used anywhere, anytime. Mirrors are a perfect blend of furniture and wall art. It is literally the only wall piece you’ll deliberately want to pass by in your home. After all, everyone’s got to look!

The beauty about mirrors is that this simple piece of furniture can change the way your home looks. Adding mirrors can make your room look larger, lighter and even give it more depth.

Long gone are the days when mirrors were used in a makeup setting. Today, they’re used to make a statement. Here are a few tips and tricks to decorate your home with mirrors:

1. Mirrors making a statement

Decorating dining or living rooms can be difficult. The décor for these rooms should be able to fit into the over archiving theme of the house. The pieces should follow the colour tone and the mood of the season, drawing people towards it. We all know portraits are expensive and may not always reflect the setting around it. Decorative mirrors would be the perfect solution in this scenario and help you make a statement. Hang them like a portrait and you’ll be good to go.


2. Home decorating with mirrors and collages

Placing multiple mirrors on one wall is a fun and funky way to spice up a room. Go with a single shape or colour and add many of them in different sizes for an intriguing look. You can create a small collage at the entryway, your room or even your staircase.


3. Antique and Distressed mirrors

There are so many ways to go about this. You can place them near a couch or the corners you get cozy in. You can even place a full-length mirror facing the sunlight to make your room feel more spacious and a LOT brighter. As a bonus, it helps you get a quick and complete look of yourself! ;)


4. Mirror Screens

They are a must have! They allow you to breakaway from the conundrum in your house. You can place them near your doorway to prevent your sneaky next-door neighbor from snooping around or to form a partition between the living and dining rooms in small apartments. They’re extremely multi-functional and can be shifted as per your convenience.


A well-placed mirror can work wonders for any room. It turns a room’s reflection into a work of art. Especially when it has colorful décor around it. You can now decorate your home with mirrors in no time. So,

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, which one do you like of them all?

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