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Bespoke Lights to brighten up your New Beginning

The new year brings with it renewed and lifted spirits, nodding to the arrival of fresh beginnings and a clean slate! Beginnings in their essence don a versatile and exciting meaning — be it a new home, a space that one is sprucing up, a different city to be explored, or a job that one has been anticipating! 

We at The Purple Turtles aspire to be a part of these diverse phases that one navigates and explores. We believe that nothing symbolizes the genesis of something new better than Light itself. To welcome this new beginning, we’re sharing with you a curated list of bespoke lighting options that each lend themselves to creating diverse design styles and custom lighting solutions for various spaces! 

Lighting as a service and craft has been a hallmark at The Purple Turtles and we aspire to bring this unmatched passion to spaces ranging every scale and genre with our holistic services. 

Classic Charm Decoded

The classic 6-armed Daffodil Chandelier is the epitome of timeless grace. The quintessential chandelier is bathed in a delicate gold finish and harbours floral embellishments. The form of the light seems to resemble a flower in full bloom, exuding elegance into spaces. The luminaire is a perfect choice to highlight a corner in a living area, or as clusters in large-height volumes. 

An Industrial Inclination 

Wall lamps and the industrial design language have shared roots for decades! The modest Florence Wall Lamp with its two-toned monochrome wall sconce sports a dapper matte black finish over its external surfaces and white upon the interior of the lamp. Pared down yet impactful in its presence, the gooseneck form of the light graces walls effortlessly in the form of focal accent and task lighting.  

True Tropical Goodness 

A match that exemplifies tropical goodness melded with rooted elegance. The Palm Table Lamp pairs serendipitously with the Alibert Shade to add character to nooks and moody corners of one’s space. The statement table lamp base seemingly bears resemblance to a fanning palm tree finished in antique brass. The shade crowning the base introduces warm illumination in corners or over table surfaces as the light emanates through fine beige Poplin fabric. 

Industrial Glam

With the York Pendant Lamp, the raw demeanour of these pendant lights gets a facelift in the form of a copper finish. Perfect to illuminate surfaces that need a hybrid amidst viable task lighting and aesthetics, this pendant lamp range can be used in hospitality spaces, over dining areas, kitchen islands, bar counters, or as focal clusters. 

Making a Statement 

The Luna Floor Lamp does not shy away from making its presence felt in a space and it does so with stated panache! Idyllic for corners that crave character, this floor lamp is a sure-shot conversation starter. The fixture brings together the celebrated combination of white and brass while indulging in a dynamic silhouette. With its branched structure, the lamp mimics an almost growing and towering biophilic form with arms of the light culminating as glowing orbs. 


At The Purple Turtles, our endeavours are focussed steadfastly on offering our patrons the choice of custom lighting that best complements spaces alongside services of consultation, installation, and ideation for spaces across typologies Pan-India.

May this new year enable one to ink an exciting new chapter and may we be the harbingers of light and design inspiration in spaces you call yours!
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