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Coming Together

A Confluence of Styles and Objects for your Spaces

The coming together of various pieces of furniture, curios, artefacts, and luminaries layer the designed spaces, hence satiating their functional and aesthetic value. We decode and recommend with this read pairing of styles and typologies of objects that weave a tapestry of comfort and functionality together while imbuing your nooks with a sumptuous dose of personality. 

The complementary nature of these curated selections makes them quintessential in their pairing and are sure to endow you with oodles of inspiration while making any modifications to your home or other loved spaces. 

A Seating Nook Saga

Nothing spells recreation and comfort like an inviting seating nook! Select from our range of bespoke seating options in the form of versatile armchairs that each exude a diverse persona and style while ensuring optimised ergonomic comfort. With a range of delicate floral and solid hues, these armchairs can spruce up a quiet reading corner, a statement nook in lounging spaces or complement a living area. 

Illuminate these corners with the presence of a focal floor lamp. Sculptural, geometric, classic, and minimalist floor lamps have an unmatched allure that can elevate the ambience of any corner by a substantial scale. Furthermore, these light up seating nooks as task and mood lighting to enrich the experience of lounging, reading, and unwinding. 

The Bench Basics

For years now, benches have assumed a newfound utility and demeanour in spaces indoors, detaching themselves as furniture solely meant for alfresco areas. Instead, benches can be envisioned creatively to make essential additions to living, dining, and foyer spaces. Explore our selection of benches, each distinct in its make and style, to introduce a practical yet stunning seating option in the core spaces of a dwelling. 

We imagine them making for an effective alternative seating option around large to petite dining tables, as an extension of lounging and hosting spaces, and as accent pieces in foyers, passageways, and entryways. Enhance the look of benches by introducing an array of cushions along their surfaces for an added touch of personality. Our vast collection of cushion covers dabbles in the exploration of colours, patterns, prints, and textures that are sure to tie in fittingly with the overruling design grammar. 

The Console and Mirror Equation

An idyllic choice for entrance passageways, dining areas, blank bedroom walls, and living areas alike, the coming together of consoles and mirrors makes for a serendipitous pairing! 

Consoles in spaces can be selected based on gauging the concealed storage needs and the overarching design style of the zone. One can begin by ascertaining what objects need to be stored within consoles, choosing between sleek and open styles versus storage-equipped options rendered with drawers/shelves etc. Consoles can pose as aesthetic and minimalist pieces of furniture or double up as credenza-inspired storage options. 

Mirrors atop of consoles inherently allow the spaces they are placed in to seem large, doubling the sense of visual volume, light, and expanse. Glance over our trove of mirrors that traverse elegant traditional and contemporary design styles. 

Dining Experiences Illuminated

Mealtimes and memories have an intrinsic bond and finding the ideal table to create these vignettes of experiences around is integral! Revel in the company of loved ones and delectable food as you choose from our handpicked selection of dining tables. Indulge in our collection to find one that is just right for your intimate meals and for hosting a gathering of family and friends. 

Add a touch of panache and doses of warmth to your dining experiences with our extensive range of pendant lighting options. Pendant lights over dining spaces add an unabashed sense of identity and define the style of the nook. The crafted lighting options experiment with natural, up-cycled, and rooted materiality, resulting in a bevy of options that can effortlessly crown your dining areas.

At The Purple Turtles, our steadfast focus remains upon the notion of bringing celebrated and one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, decor, and lighting to our patrons! Reap inspiration from these pairings we’ve envisioned and give spaces a facelift with few yet impactful additions. 

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